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Optimize your picking and assembly processes with high-density, high-speed systems

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Bring the goods to the pick and assembly workers

Take the tedious and time consuming travel out of pick and assembly processes by storing goods closer to where workers need them. With a carousel system, pick and assembly workers can "order up" the parts they need and have them conveniently delivered to their work stations in fast, effective "goods to picker" technology. Carousel systems save storage space, too, helping you more effectively use your available warehouse space. With benefits like these, you'll see faster pick speeds, improved accuracy and reduced returns.

Let Cisco-Eagle aid you in designing a carousel system for your facility. We work to reduce operating costs and increase throughput while making labor more efficient.

Carousel systems from Cisco-Eagle

  • Vertical Lift Module Experts

    VLMs are modular. You can stack “modules” so that height can be added to or removed from to the system. VLMs do not rotate the entire inventory each time the system is engaged; they move only the required storage position to the pick station.
  • Vertical Carousel Systems

    These are highly configurable, rotating vertical shelves that deliver goods to pickers at high speed. Since they save about 75% of floor space, vertical systems are ideal for high density storage applications and facilities with high ceilings.
  • Horizontal Carousels

    Improve pick storage density and access with horizontal carousels that reduce worker steps and improve order fulfillment speeds
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