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Jib Cranes: Wall Mounted & Freestanding

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Our local Houston experts can get you up and running with the right type of jib crane for your job. We can help you decide which size of crane you need, the type of end effector that is right for your product, and get everything installed, tested and running smoothly.

Already have a jib crane and need repairs? Our skilled service and maintenance group is specially trained to work on a variety of crane brands. We're available 24/7 for service emergencies.

Houston Jib Cranes
        • Free Standing Base Plate Mount

          Through a permanent concrete foundation to anchor the crane and function as a counterweight for loads, maximum capacities rely only on the foundation size, span length and I-beam size.
        • Free Standing Sleeve Insert Mount

          A second-pour reinforced foundation supports the sleeve, and offers great advantages: a full 360 degree rotation, full use of floor area below the crane, and relocation of the crane without damage to the mast.
        • Full Cantilever Mast

          A lower cost jib crane that offers 360 degrees of rotation without the need for a mounting foundation (which can sometimes cost more than the crane). Crane mounts to the building floor at the bottom and to an overhead steel building support at the top.
        • Drop Cantilever Mast

          When support girders and other obstructions get in the way, a drop cantilever jib crane allows mast installation at uppermost anchor points of a building with boom installed at a height needed for full rotation of the boom arm.
        • Wall-Mounted Cantilever Crane

          An excellent choice for the highest potential underboom clearance. Can install close to ceilings for more underboom height with a 200 degree rotation. Transmits less direct force to building supports than a tie rod jib crane.
        • Wall Bracket & Tie Rod

          There is no support mast under the boom, so you can maximize space usage under the boom right up to the support structure and within a 200 degree rotation area. Cost effective choice if there's plenty of overhead clearance and support column strength.
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