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Material handling Wildeck Mezzanine with integrated conveyor

We design and install mezzanines and work platforms at a variety of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, military and commercial facilities in Arkansas. We specialize in creating space in the empty air above the floor, but integrating it with surrounding vertical lifts, conveyors, and storage equipment. We also assist companies in moving materials between platforms, in multi-level applications, and more.

Note: the mezzanines listed below are a small sample of the sizes, shapes and configurations we offer. Contact us today to start your project.

Work platform solutions from Cisco-Eagle:

  • Structural Mezzanines with Bar Grating Deck

    1" x 1/8" painted steel bar grating in an open design for ventilation and/or fire regulation. Great for applications where easy communication between levels is needed.
  • Structural Mezzanines with Roof Decking

    20-gauge painted steel roof deck (AKA B-Deck, Corrugated Steel) is an unfinished, lighter duty mezzanine floor panel superior to plywood and other alternatives at a comparable price. Ideal for light-duty pallet jack and foot traffic.
  • Modular Work Platforms

    These platforms are utilized to provide elevated work structures for various work operations. Can be configured with standard components.
  • Shelf-Supported and Deck-Over Mezzanines

    These mezzanines utilize shelving as a support structure to help create a high-density, multi-level storage platform. Shelving forms the walls, so pickers on each level have access to many pick locations. Utilized in pick pods, parts rooms, etc.
  • Rack-Supported Mezzanines

    Integrate work platforms and rack storage by utilizing structural rack components to support your mezzanine. This allows for integrated pallet storage and a rigid, safe work platform for storage, in plant offices, and other functionality.
  • Pick Modules: Multilevel integrated mezzanine, carton flow, and pallet storage platforms

    Pick modules are high-density, compact storage platforms with multiple levels that integrate mezzanine platforms, racks (as support structure), pallet storage, pallet/carton flow, shelving, and (often) conveyor based picking lines.
  • Mezzanine Safety Access Gates

    These gates help keep prevent falls atop mezzanines and other industrial platforms. Highly recommended if workers are required to work near unguarded edges.
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