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Taking advantage of every inch within your facility space is critical to push operations forward. The new Cisco-Eagle guide to space optimization shows how layout affects everything you do, and what the right design and equipment offer.

What’s in the guide?

  • Warehouse layout factors – Optimized layout makes you more productive and faster while it reduces overhead costs. Our guide highlights the logical ways to optimize the workflow of people and products now and into the future. How you define objectives and plan now sets the tone for moving forward, and we show you how.
  • Evaluating the cube – Efficient use of your vertical cube means more space utilized and a potential higher rate of efficiency. Once you measure what you’re working with, options such as a mezzanine or multi-level pick modules present themselves as difference-makers.
  • Pallet rack considerations – Because pallet racks occupy so much square footage, they’re always worth consideration. To find the right balance between pallet access and storage density, you should use the right type of rack for the load and application. We focus on why density matters, and how your aisles should be evaluated.
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  • Storage system comparisons – Each storage system option, from shelving to mobile-aisle to vertical carousels offers a unique benefit for any facility. The only way they succeed, though, is by figuring out which option works best within your existing operation. We compare each method by multiple factors, giving you an easy chart to review.

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