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Pallet Racks and Outdoor Storage

November 4, 2021

Pallet rack installed outdoors, with overhead roof.

Above:  outdoor pallet rack with wind break wall and sloped roof

Most pallet racks and other industrial storage rack types are used indoors, safe from the rigors of cold, heat and wind, but some storage applications demand outdoor storage. We see those frequently in retail, manufacturing and fabrication operations. Sometimes, rack storage also serves as overflow in distribution operations or warehousing. Seasonal storage is often an outdoor racking application.

For outdoor installations, rack specifications can be different from indoor applications for the exact same load profiles due to environmental factors and the punishment racks take from wind and elements. But you can use racks outdoors safely.

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Guide To Industrial Space Optimization

June 22, 2021

warehouse floor

Taking advantage of every inch within your facility space is critical to push operations forward. The new Cisco-Eagle guide to space optimization shows how layout affects everything you do, and what the right design and equipment offer.

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How to Design and Utilize Storage Buffers

April 20, 2021

Bulk storage buffer at a warehouse

Buffers can be found in most warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and they take many forms. You can build buffers into racks, floor space, conveyors or external storage areas like truck trailers. When you need to temporarily store materials before they enter putaway, shipment, kitting, processing, or another production process, what are some of the best design, equipment specification and usage practices?

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Warehouse Bins & Containers Specification

January 5, 2021

Hanging warehouse bins on a rail system with small parts and labels.

Most warehouses use bins, cartons or containers as bulk product shipments are broken into “eaches” or smaller quantities for putaway, storage and eventual picking. This is also largely true of assembly and manufacturing lines where components are transported between workstations and work is progressively done. While they don’t exactly break the bank given their costs, specifying the wrong container can result in a less efficient, less ergonomic operation.

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Vertical Pallet Movement Options

September 15, 2020

pallet choices for vertical movement
In modern warehouses and manufacturing facilities, the vertical cube should be fully exploited, meaning that you should use overhead air space in your storage and processing operations because it’s less expensive and more efficient. Before you expand or relocate, it’s always better to use that space. You’ve already paid for it and the environmental costs of using it.

Using that space comes with some limitations. One is that you’ll need to transport pallets up to mezzanines or other machinery. While that’s more difficult than moving cartons or other lighter loads, there are ways. Let’s examine some of those options.

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The Basement Tapes – Tenant Lockers Options For Your Condo

August 18, 2020

tenant lockers

As multi-family apartments and condominiums are continuing to be constructed at a fast pace nationwide, the need for those that dwell in those spaces to store their belongings is a need that never goes away, only amplified by our e-commerce consumer culture. If your location doesn’t offer storage for tenant excess, then consider using storage lockers to solve this problem and (possibly) make you some extra money.

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How to Specify Your Mezzanine Project

January 7, 2020


Increasing space in your current facility is a big decision that requires an evaluation from a number of perspectives for the best outcome. Mezzanines are a common, relatively fast and economical way to add space to warehouses, factories, hangars and other commercial facilities. You should work through the following considerations for mezzanine design and specification.

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When Pallet Rack Expertise is Critical

November 7, 2019

Warehouse racks in a layout, with consultants walking through
Pallet rack is the most common storage equipment you will find in most warehouses and industrial storage applications. On its face, rack is simple to specify, purchase and install, but there are situations where you should consult an expert involving space efficiency, seismic zones, safety, difficult loads and other situations. Let’s look into some situations where professional help is necessary.

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Finding Hidden Warehouse Capacity

October 15, 2019

Distribution Center Mezzanine
Out of space? You are not alone. With increasing SKUs and inventory levels, many warehouse operators are staging products in the aisles, using outside storage, and mixing SKUs in locations. All of this lowers labor productivity and impacts quality. So, where is the hidden capacity in your warehouse?

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Vertical Considerations For Automated Programs

October 3, 2019

Distribution Center Mezzanine

With e-commerce operations moving at an ever-increasing pace, you must take every advantage to meet consumer expectations. You not only want to save the customer time on their order, but also gain manufacturing and processing time by doing so. With careful consideration and a robust process, each aspect at play in a distribution center or warehouse could be an opportunity to save seconds.

To maximize every advantage, more facilities are turning towards automation to meet those strong demands. By utilizing automation, a distribution center can provide a more flexible and efficient environment in addition to more accurate orders delivered on time. The ability to scale and grow with automation is also an attractive one. But to jump headfirst into the automation process is a daunting task, and can cause an operations manager cause for concern. Two overlooked areas that can become a “tipping point” for this process are mezzanines and VRCs.

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