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Cisco-Eagle Awards Top Vendor Partners

September 30, 2022

Cisco-Eagle's 2021-2022 Top Vendor partners of the Year.

Cisco-Eagle has  awarded its top vendor partners for our most recent fiscal year. The awards are made to our top five vendor partners by sales volume and were delivered to each company at their headquarters. Since we approach business as a partnership, we wanted to recognize these elite providers for their outstanding performance and their contributions Cisco-Eagle and its customers.

Cisco-Eagle’s top 2021-2022 vendor partners

  1. Steel King Industries
  2. Hytrol Conveyors
  3. Atlantis Conveyor
  4. AAA Fabrication
  5. IKG

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Pallet Rack Evaluation: Safety

September 27, 2022

Pallet rack being evaluated.

Pallet racks are integral to modern warehousing and aren’t static systems. Safety has always been one of the most critical aspects of warehousing and pallet racks have an outsized influence on warehouse safety. When you evaluate your rack, always take time to look for safety issues.

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How Material Handling and Automation Increases Labor Flexibility

September 13, 2022

heavy pipe handling at a manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing plants, warehouses and other industrial operations are all facing one central challenge today: labor shortages. There are other challenges in supply chains, material inputs and environmental situations, but everyone in every industry across the board is dealing with labor—or the lack of it. 

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August Roundup: Manufacturing, Warehousing and Productivity

August 23, 2022

Morning coffee with Cisco-Eagle photo
Our monthly dive into the best manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, automation and storage topics content we’ve seen. This time, we look at the manufacturing economy today and moving forward, along with safety news from NIOSH, cold storage, the CHIPS bill and continued growth in the warehousing sector.

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Vacuum Grippers and Lightweight Palletizers

August 18, 2022

Vacuum palletizer for a cobot system

One of the most exciting things about today’s automation is that it’s becoming increasingly specialized; like eating from a buffet, you can choose what you want. That’s the idea behind cobot palletizers that zero in on a specific target: lighter weight, end-of-line carton palletizing that used to take high six figures and months of implementation time. The critical part of any palletizing project, of course, is the end effector.

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Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection

August 4, 2022

rooftop edge with railing

Rooftop safety is an often overlooked area for any facility when it comes to keeping workers protected. In the past, there was minimal equipment designed for this purpose and limited education/training.

OSHA issued a recent ruling on walking/working surfaces, which stressed the need for fall protection for those surfaces  (29 CFR 1910 Subparts D&I). This may be significant for a number of operations and the way you protect people who work in these areas. Particularly if you have a rooftop edge or other potentially unguarded platform where people may work, there are steps you should take.

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July Roundup: Distribution Center Metrics, The State of Logistics

July 26, 2022

Morning coffee with Cisco-Eagle photo

Every month, we curate the best of what we’ve read, watched or downloaded in the world of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, storage and handling. Here’s what we have seen in July.

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Gapping Conveyors: A Guide to Types and Applications

July 12, 2022

Gapper Conveyor line in a distribution center

Conveyors that create gaps between loads—called “gappers”—are used in functions ranging from sortation to quality control to packing to machine integration. Any process that requires identical and predictable gaps between the back of a load and the leading edge of the following will probably need a gapper. Most gappers are slider bed belt conveyors, since belts provide superior control and support.

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June Roundup: Warehousing, Manufacturing & Automation

June 21, 2022

warehousing, automation and manufacturing news from Cisco-Eagle

We’ve curated a monthly list of relevant articles, tips and information from some of the smartest people in manufacturing, e-commerce, distribution, safety and more as well as some links to advice from Cisco-Eagle that we hope you’ll find helpful.

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How to Reduce Conveyor Headaches, Repair Costs and Downtime

June 16, 2022

conveyor service

We spoke with Tim Harris, our manager of Field Services Group. Tim’s expertise when it comes to conveyors – and how to keep them running tip-top – is unparalleled. Tim and the Field Services group maintains many miles of conveyors from virtually every manufacturer, in just about every environment. Here’s what he had to say.

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