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Raw Power – Motorized Carts For Ergonomic Material Movement

March 29, 2022

powered cart operating in warehouse environment

Forklifts are the usual method to move heavy materials, but there are plenty of times—and many good reasons—you might not want to use one. You can use pallet jacks, stackers, tuggers, pallet dollies, AGVs or even conveyors, but what about the instances where you don’t need forklift power, but your loads are too heavy or the travel time too far for pushcarts?

Enter the powered cart. This option resides in that “sweet spot” for material movement. But what exactly can a powered cart offer you, and what are your options?

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Are AGVs Right for You?

March 17, 2022

driverless forklift AGV loading empty pallets.

AGVs–automated guided vehicles–are mainstream. You see them in increasingly diverse applications and functioning in areas of the supply chain that may have seemed impossible a few years ago. Especially as e-commerce continues to accelerate and consumers demand more and faster shipments, companies must innovate to meet demand. AGV technology is ready for real-world use and can provide the answer, but is it a good fit for you?

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Total Protection – Industrial Facility Traffic Barrier Factors

March 1, 2022

Photo of warehouse with guardrail installed to protect pallet rack.

Most industrial facilities utilize barriers to protect pedestrians, inventory, structure and equipment. When you walk around you will see these (mostly) yellow barriers installed in highly-trafficked or other zones where forklift impacts are possible. It’s a matter of safety. OSHA forklift and powered industrial truck regulations lack specific guidelines when it comes to barriers, but there are best practices to consider.

The options depend on your specific operating environment. Finding the right system (or set of systems) is important, so it’s a matter of this: what do you need your barriers to do?

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Pallet Racks and Warehouse Slab Specification

February 22, 2022

Photo of a warehouse floor, with a mezzanine installed on the left and a pallet rack system installed on the right.

Because high-bay warehouses with narrow aisles and heights of 30 feet or more have become common, it’s critical to understand your facility floor if you intend to add racks, change layouts or otherwise alter the operation. If you’re adding or changing an existing facility, and the design has changed so that higher density, taller or heavier racks are in play, what factors should you consider?

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How to Specify Pallet Rack Safety Netting

January 13, 2022

Pallet rack safety net catches cartons to prevent falling items from landing below.

Any aisle that overlooks an area where people work, shop or walk should be protected against falling items, and rack netting is one of the most common ways to do that. It’s relatively inexpensive, full-time protection that can also help you maintain NFPA flue space requirements.

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Go With The Flow – Keg Storage Solutions

January 6, 2022

Keg flow storage options in a warehouse
With New Year’s Eve just now becoming a (possibly blurry) memory, beer providers are preparing not only for the next celebration but for the continued increase in consumption. With Covid-19 and its variants providing steady uncertainty, alcohol buyers are making sure their supply is stocked and that they have access.

To combat the demand and current supply chain woes, those that store and distribute beer, in particular, are faced with storage and accessibility challenges. You want to keep the flow (pun intended) moving so that sales are made and product is shipped on time, but what are some ways to help ensure this happens?

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Security Cages and Partitions: Choosing the Right Wall Type

December 14, 2021

Warehouse wire security cage with a mixture of solid and welded wire panels beneath a mezzanine.

Above: wire security cage installed beneath a mezzanine using both wire mesh and solid sides

Wire security partitions are a great way to make your warehouse more secure. They’re used in tool cribs, for high-value inventory and to control access to restricted areas. You can specify a partition of almost any shape, almost any size and with a world of locks, windows and other options to create a versatile, secure storage area. You can also specify the wall type: woven wire, welded wire and solid. What wall type should you use?

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2021 Warehouse/DC Operations Trends

December 2, 2021

automated warehouse system

Each year, the Warehouse Operations & Trends Survey asks logistics and warehouse directors and managers about their current business climate and the challenges they’ve faced. The 2021 edition of this survey reflects both growth and strains that industrial operations face as the continued ascent of e-commerce and labor shortages have combined to create a nearly unprecedented environment.

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Pallet Rack Load Distribution Guide

October 19, 2021

Heavy duty pallet racks with loaded beams, cartons, pallets and other heavy items.
Pallet racks are probably the most common warehouse storage equipment in the world, and for good reason: they’re safe, versatile and use the vertical cube of high-bay warehouses when correctly specified, loaded, unloaded and used within the rack’s tolerance. Load distribution–the way a load sits on your racks–is a critical factor for safe usage. Here’s how to get it right.

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A Review of New Forklift Safety Technologies & Methods

October 12, 2021

Forklift safety systems, including 180 degree sensor with audible alarm and floor gobo

Like many technologies, forklift safety sensors and alarms progress the more the need is stressed. Cisco-Eagle’s Safety Automation Group has built a suite of solutions that can help in more specific situations. Let’s review some of the newest technologies you can implement and where they might be the most helpful.

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