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How to Prevent Pallet Rack Push-Through Accidents

January 12, 2023

Loading a pallet into a high-bay rack system with a forklift

When heavy pallets are stored on horizontal beams in your pallet rack system, there is always some danger of a pallet or items stored on it, being pushed through the back of the rack. Items or full pallets can then fall or push the pallet behind them toward the next aisle in double row systems. What are some options to reduce the hazards related to push-through accidents?

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Warehouse Safety: Pedestrians, Workstations and Forklifts

November 10, 2022

Forklift aisle between warehouse work areas.

Above: work areas facing away from an active traffic aisle with pallet stacks that impede visibility for both pedestrians and forklifts. 

Forklift accidents make OSHA’s top-10 list every year without fail because forklifts are ubiquitous in American industry and interact with hundreds of thousands of people every day. One of the key places to prioritize safety is for pedestrians—the people on foot who work near and walk around forklifts on a daily basis.

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Racks, Shelving and Automation: Options for Effective Storage

November 1, 2022

Shelving and rack structure warehouse mezzanine with picking bins

Warehouse racks and industrial shelving are sort of like alligators and crocodiles: they look alike, they do similar things, and they are often mixed up. Both are vertical structures that have horizontal shelves for industrial storage. But they aren’t the same thing–they have distinctive missions and functions. Most warehouses use both types of storage for various types of loads, and there are gray areas where either can be used, depending on the storage strategy. Knowing the differences can help you store your inventory more efficiently and effectively.

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Download Our Guide To Forklift-Pedestrian Safety

October 27, 2022

forklift working in warehouse

If you manage or work in a manufacturing or warehousing operation, you’re aware of the dangers forklifts pose–particularly to pedestrians who work near them. Keeping pedestrians safe in busy operations is an ongoing process critical for any industrial facility. With that in mind, we’ve published a guide to forklift-pedestrian safety that highlights the factors, suggests solutions and presents information on this critical isssue.

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Pallet Rack Evaluation: Safety

September 27, 2022

Pallet rack being evaluated.

Pallet racks are integral to modern warehousing and aren’t static systems. Safety has always been one of the most critical aspects of warehousing and pallet racks have an outsized influence on warehouse safety. When you evaluate your rack, always take time to look for safety issues.

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July Roundup: Distribution Center Metrics, The State of Logistics

July 26, 2022

Morning coffee with Cisco-Eagle photo

Every month, we curate the best of what we’ve read, watched or downloaded in the world of manufacturing, distribution, logistics, storage and handling. Here’s what we have seen in July.

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June Roundup: Warehousing, Manufacturing & Automation

June 21, 2022

warehousing, automation and manufacturing news from Cisco-Eagle

We’ve curated a monthly list of relevant articles, tips and information from some of the smartest people in manufacturing, e-commerce, distribution, safety and more as well as some links to advice from Cisco-Eagle that we hope you’ll find helpful.

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Pallet Rack Evaluation: Storage Density

June 9, 2022

Walking in the warehouse to evaluate a pallet rack layout.

Space utilization has always been important, but in today’s environment of tight real estate, materials and labor, it’s critical to efficiently use every last inch of your space. Industrial space is in high demand, so finding ways to squeeze more from your pallet rack system is more important than ever. Is underutilized square footage is hiding in your rack system?

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Raw Power – Motorized Carts For Ergonomic Material Movement

March 29, 2022

powered cart operating in warehouse environment

Forklifts are the usual method to move heavy materials, but there are plenty of times—and many good reasons—you might not want to use one. You can use pallet jacks, stackers, tuggers, pallet dollies, AGVs or even conveyors, but what about the instances where you don’t need forklift power, but your loads are too heavy or the travel time too far for pushcarts?

Enter the powered cart. This option resides in that “sweet spot” for material movement. But what exactly can a powered cart offer you, and what are your options?

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Are AGVs Right for You?

March 17, 2022

driverless forklift AGV loading empty pallets.

AGVs–automated guided vehicles–are mainstream. You see them in increasingly diverse applications and functioning in areas of the supply chain that may have seemed impossible a few years ago. Especially as e-commerce continues to accelerate and consumers demand more and faster shipments, companies must innovate to meet demand. AGV technology is ready for real-world use and can provide the answer, but is it a good fit for you?

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