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Forklift Multi-Tasking – Using Accessories That Matter

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As new technologies emerge to help keep forklifts safer around pedestrians and each other, finding new ways to utilize your fleet of forklifts is more important than ever. Since supply chains are tight, more efficiency and safety should matter more than ever. Forklift accessories provide that aid in daily processes can offer that extra help without new lift trucks.

But what kind of accessories are out there?

Designed to make your forklift more versatile

With a multitude of forklift attachments and accessories available, you can transform your existing fleet of trucks into a diverse set of powered helpers. Each attachment offers a unique way to help employees avoid specific load-bearing activities, and also increases the amount of help at your disposal.

What accessories should you consider?

Attachments can allow you to move items that you never thought your forklift could handle. Increased productivity leverage is an important benefit of each product, and as more become available, that leverage will only increase. Let’s review some of the more popular forklift attachment options:

  • Boom attachments – Ever wanted your lift truck to double as a sort of mini-crane? With a boom attachment, you can do just that. When you can’t move an item via a pallet, having a boom attachment gives you safe handling of up to 8,000 pounds of material.
  • Coil liftersforklift accessory coil lifter – it’s a fact: coiled and spooled material can be difficult to store, but moving these items around isn’t exactly a fun time either. By adding a coil lifter to your forklift fleet’s options, you can make loading and carrying these stubborn items much easier. Built tough with steel and capacities up to 5,500 pounds, these attachments aren’t fooling around with your coils and spools.
  • Drum carriersDrum carriers help you reduce the back-breaking exertion involved with drum dispensing, which is far more ergonomic and safer. Securely clamping drums on a forklift is always a better way to lift and move them. Add to that the ability to tilt and rotate up to 360 degrees, and you now have a safe  (and faster) way to handle heavy drums at the touch of a fingertip.
  • Carpet poles – Not unlike coiled/spooled materials, moving carpet and rugs can be a drain on employee energy and safety. By adding a carpet pole attachment to your forklift, you can easily load and unload rolls of carpet from racking in a much more efficient manner. Sturdy steel construction and options for mounting to a forklift make them a must for any carpet/rug storage facility.
  • Floor maintenance optionsforklift accessory sweeper attachment – Who’s that with the broom? Why, it’s your forklift! Imagine clearing a 4 to 5-foot path of dust, debris and clutter in one pass. That’s what the forklift-mounted floor maintenance attachments can do. From the fork-mounted brush sweeper that offers much more coverage than your average broom, to the magnetic sweeper and floor scraper, each item is designed to clean more ground in less time for efficient cleanliness. It’s the little things.
  • Towing attachments – If you’ve got trailers or portable equipment in your facility (and really, who doesn’t?), then having multiple towing options is a must. A forklift towing attachment gives you yet another way to tow up to 4,000 lbs worth of portable items all around your warehouse and back again (unless you just enjoy driving around in circles).

These are just some of the products waiting to enhance your forklift fleet. It’s like having a multi-tool in your back pocket, if your back pocket had wheels.

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