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The Benefits Of Automated Stretch Wrappers

January 10, 2023

Automated Rotary Stretch Wrapper

Automation in the warehouse or manufacturing facility continues its momentum. In many locations, workers and robots of various forms co-existing are now the new normal. Operations want to increase throughput (as always) but are now in an hard battle for people….one that isn’t ending anytime soon. Systems are being installed to reduce time and increase productivity are becoming common for operations of most every size.

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Forklift-Pedestrian Safety: Docks, Shipping and Receiving Areas

December 1, 2022

Forklift backing away with load at a warehouse truck dock area.

Because shipping docks are busy, sometimes chaotic areas, they can become a safety hazard if not properly managed. During a busy shift, you may find multiple forklifts, carts, walkies and other traffic trying to work across a series of bay doors, all with pedestrians potentially in the same areas. They can adjoin staging areas, which often allow even more forklifts and pedestrians to work in the same, shared area. That’s where accidents are most likely to occur.

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Pallet Racks and Outdoor Storage

November 4, 2021

Pallet rack installed outdoors, with overhead roof.

Above:  outdoor pallet rack with wind break wall and sloped roof

Most pallet racks and other industrial storage rack types are used indoors, safe from the rigors of cold, heat and wind, but some storage applications demand outdoor storage. We see those frequently in retail, manufacturing and fabrication operations. Sometimes, rack storage also serves as overflow in distribution operations or warehousing. Seasonal storage is often an outdoor racking application.

For outdoor installations, rack specifications can be different from indoor applications for the exact same load profiles due to environmental factors and the punishment racks take from wind and elements. But you can use racks outdoors safely.

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How to Help Drivers Park Faster & Safer at Your Truck Docks

May 18, 2021

Dock lasers work in darkness, helping drivers find the right lane at a busy receiving dock.

Warehouse managers tend to focus on internal processes, equipment and systems, but making your dock apron and loading zone more efficient will save time, money and damage. Truck drivers who can’t clearly see the right dock in darkness or poor weather can’t maneuver effectively or square up to the dock quickly. They often must back in and out multiple times. Helping drivers align and organize will improve the entire flow of your shipping and receiving operation.

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How to Specify and Design Dock Door Security Cages

February 2, 2021

Driver access cage securing a warehouse personnel door.

Dock door security cages are used to control access to warehouse facilities, docks and receiving areas where drivers, service workers and others enter a building. They are typically 2 or 3-sided and cover a dock’s personnel access door while allowing truck drivers and other visitors to enter the facility, but not the warehouse and general storage or production areas. This lets you admit visitors (or not) as your security and safety rules dictate.

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Download Our Guide To Safe, Efficient Loading Dock Operations

December 8, 2020

forklift at the loading dock

Loading docks are critical because they’re where everything is received—and eventually shipped. The right shipping & receiving setup means smooth product flow, faster putaway and more accurate fulfillment. In short, it means a safer and better operation. To help you protect your docks and your people, check out our new dock equipment guide.

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How to Use Dockboards & Dockplates Safely and Effectively

November 10, 2020

dock plate with a hand truck unloading at a warehouse shipping area.

Dock boards and dock plates are built to transition forklifts, pallet jacks, carts, people and other transportation methods between trailers and your warehouse dock area or staging floor. How can you be sure the transition between truck trailers and your dock is safe?

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Dukes of Hazardous

February 26, 2019

safe warehouse workers

For all the work that goes into preventing them, the majority of warehouses share many of the same safety hazards.

Due to the way warehouses handle items and process shipments, many of their workers are subject to similar risks for injury and product damage. While this can seem like an unending cycle of danger, there’s plenty of ways to mitigate these more prominent ones and keep everyone and everything in your warehouse safe from harm.

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Order Fulfillment is the First Line of a Great Customer Experience

January 15, 2019

order fulfillment operation using a hand scanner

Your most important customer satisfaction function is probably your warehouse and order fulfillment operations. Order fulfillment impacts the things customers care about most:

  • Did I get the right product?
  • Did I get it on time?
  • Did I get the right quantity?
  • Was my shipment damaged?

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Can You Outrun Warehouse & Factory Safety Phantom?

October 31, 2018

the shape in the warehouse

You try to run away as fast as you can, aware of the scary apparition chasing you with each breath. You turn to look back, and stumble onto the ground. Paralyzed with fear, you watch as the shape moves closer and closer. Suddenly up close, you can see that there was no way you could escape, as safety issues could not be stopped.

Blumhouse horror movie? Not really. Warehouses can be dangerous places to work in. It is important to understand common warehouse dangers and hazards because they can cause injuries and in extreme cases death, haunting your warehouse for years to come. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported an average of 16 fatalities every year in the US warehousing and storage sector and a reported injury and illness rate of 5 out of every 100 warehouse and storage workers. With these ghastly statistics in mind, we review some of the most common warehouse safety bogeymen and offer tips and resources to help you avoid their terror.

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