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Loading docks are critical because they’re where everything is received—and eventually shipped. The right shipping & receiving setup means smooth product flow, faster putaway and more accurate fulfillment. In short, it means a safer and better operation. To help you protect your docks and your people, check out our new dock equipment guide.

What’s inside the dock guide
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  • Dock safety equipment spotlights: Whether it’s edge fall protection, pedestrian security or reducing contact in the dock area, our guide reviews each safety equipment option so you can find the right product for your facility.
  • Ways to protect your docks from damage: Bumpers and barriers are just a couple of the multiple ways to reduce damaging your dock area from outside weather and driver damages.
  • Dock lift specifications: We cover the different types and capacities of dock lifts so you can make sure you’re choosing the right fit for your operations.
  • Conveyor options: Extendable and flexible conveyors offer you a way to bridge the gap from production to truck. Because you can adjust the length and work around obstructions, these models allow you to control the delivery process into the vehicle and offer efficient and flexible ways to load without as much manual labor.

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