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Employee Spotlight – Markus Green

June 13, 2024


In this month’s employee spotlight, we talk to Markus Green, a safety specialist in our Dallas office. Markus leads our safety automation group in solving forklift/pedestrian interaction issues with advanced solutions. With June being National Safety Month, we talked with him about how he approaches safety for his customers.

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Moving Up – Rideable Lift Advantages

June 6, 2024

rideable lift with doors closed

Mezzanines are a tried and true method of increasing space usage in your facility. We’ve all seen a warehouse tap into its vertical cube by adding a mezzanine or pick module solution. The results are increased storage and product movement while gaining more control of unused areas.

Once you’ve got a mezzanine in place, the journey to more efficiency doesn’t end! With an existing mezzanine, you want to consider all avenues of movement when on it or when transporting to it. Enhancing these methods only increases the ROI of your investment, while helping throughput. With this in mind, how your workers access your mezzanine is a prime area for consideration.

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How to Start Your Palletizer Project

May 23, 2024

robotic palletizer in action

In this new age of battling labor shortages while increasing throughput, finding the right means is critical. Forward-thinking operations that turn to automated solutions are finding a balance between worker and machine. This balance leads to new heights scaled in terms of productivity and engagement.

One way to enhance an operation in this regard is by implementing palletizers. These systems offer increasing speed, safety and structure of pallet production, but when considering such a solution where should you begin?

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Employee Spotlight – Jason Boynton

May 21, 2024

Jason Boynton employee spotlight

In this month’s employee spotlight, we talk to Jason Boynton, an account executive in our Nashville office. Jason looks to solve his customer’s most pressing issues through tailored solutions. He also recognizes the value of communication in every step of the process.

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Employee Spotlight – Amanda Miller

April 16, 2024

Amanda Miller employee spotlight

In this month’s employee spotlight, we celebrate Amanda Miller, a Project Engineer in our Tulsa office. With over a decade at Cisco-Eagle, Amanda tackles each challenge with the right technology and process for the application. Beyond her technical expertise, Amanda is passionate about fostering teamwork and ensuring her projects are at the forefront of innovation.

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Mark McGeachy is Cisco-Eagle’s 2023-2024 Employee-Owner of the Year

April 11, 2024

Cisco-Eagle Employee-Owner of the Year Trophy Presentation

Above, left to right: Employee-Owner of the Year Mark McGeachy, Cisco-Eagle President Bryan Gauger

The employee-owners of Cisco-Eagle named Mark McGeachy as our company’s 2023-2024 Employee-Owner of the Year. The award is unique because it’s bestowed by a team of employees, the ESOP Advisory Committee after a round of companywide nominations. A committee of peers—fellow employee-owners—chooses the employee of the year.

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Employee Spotlight – Nichole Wheeler

March 19, 2024

Nichole Wheeler employee spotlight

In this month’s employee spotlight, we celebrate Nichole Wheeler, our CFO/VP, whose leadership is pivotal in our company’s forward growth and success. Nichole’s insights reveal a leader who values the heart of our company just as much as its financial health, blending strategic excellence with a genuine commitment to people and culture.

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Forklift Proximity Detection – Do More Zones Matter?

March 14, 2024

forklift moving by workers in a warehouse

You’ve seen them pass so close in your facility it stopped you cold. Keeping forklifts and pedestrians from collision (or even close encounters) is a critical element of safety within any facility that uses both. Creating a safe culture that improves these interactions is the goal of any team, and there are many solutions available.

Outfitting your workers and trucks with proximity warning systems is a solution designed to improve these interactions. These systems are a crucial component of occupational safety strategies, significantly diminishing the likelihood of accidents and incidents between pedestrians and vehicles, and effectively fostering a culture of heightened safety awareness among employees

As proximity warning systems evolve, they now boast new features. Notably, some are exploring dual detection zones, with the thought of extra protection. This innovation prompts us to question: does an extra detection zone boost accident prevention effectiveness?

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10 Easy Tips to Increase Warehouse Safety

February 15, 2024

forklift accessing load stored on pallet rack

Insufficient safety measures in warehouse and distribution centers can have severe repercussions, including injuries, operational downtime, product losses, property damages, and potential legal actions. Of particular concern are accidents involving collisions between forklifts or other vehicles and employees or visitors.

Within busy operations, a forklift or other vehicle may eventually run into existing rack. While the rack may not require immediate replacement, storage capacity and product throughput may be compromised for some time. If overloaded, or loaded incorrectly, a rack can also collapse, spilling the inventory to the ground. Employees and visitors must also be protected from vehicle traffic.

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Increase Vehicle Access With The Right Loading Dock Lift

February 8, 2024

pit mounted dock lift in warehouse behind dock door

I suspect you’ve heard somewhere that your dock is the “lifeblood” of your facility. Certainly, there’s no denying this reality, given that so much consistently flows in and out of this highly charged area. The name of the game is to create the most efficient movements within your dock while also keeping a watchful eye on the safety and security of those within it.

To move more and reap more from that, you want to allow for any type of delivery vehicle to enter and exit. There’s certainly a wide variety, and enhancing your existing physical dock location and limitations is key.

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