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The Benefits Of Automated Stretch Wrappers

January 10, 2023

Automated Rotary Stretch Wrapper

Automation in the warehouse or manufacturing facility continues its momentum. In many locations, workers and robots of various forms co-existing are now the new normal. Operations want to increase throughput (as always) but are now in an hard battle for people….one that isn’t ending anytime soon. Systems are being installed to reduce time and increase productivity are becoming common for operations of most every size.

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Cisco-Eagle Wins ESOP AACE Award

November 17, 2022

Cisco-Eagle accepting 2022 award for best printed materials small company

Taking place in Las Vegas last week, Employee-Owned 2022 offered educational and engagement opportunities for employee-owned businesses that attended.

EO2022 also had an awards ceremony, honoring employee-owned companies that shined in different categories. This year, Cisco-Eagle won the award for Best Printed Material! This award recognized printed materials — catalogs, mailers, identity items — that are used inside and outside company operations.

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Cisco-Eagle Appoints Board of Directors

November 10, 2022

Cisco-Eagle corporate headquarters

Cisco-Eagle is proud to announce its expanded Board of Directors.

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Cisco-Eagle’s 2022 ESOP Poster Contest Winner

November 3, 2022

ESOP 2022 Cisco-Eagle poster

At Cisco-Eagle, we are proud to be 100% employee-owned. We strive to make sure all employee-owners get a chance to showcase how they feel about having ownership in our company, and one of the ways we do this is through our annual ESOP poster contest.

We had many entries this year, but the winner is a poster designed by Joy Hunsinger!

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Download Our Guide To Forklift-Pedestrian Safety

October 27, 2022

forklift working in warehouse

If you manage or work in a manufacturing or warehousing operation, you’re aware of the dangers forklifts pose–particularly to pedestrians who work near them. Keeping pedestrians safe in busy operations is an ongoing process critical for any industrial facility. With that in mind, we’ve published a guide to forklift-pedestrian safety that highlights the factors, suggests solutions and presents information on this critical isssue.

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Fall Protection Mounting Methods

October 11, 2022

Fall protection mount in industrial environment

Fall protection has such a stranglehold on OSHA’s yearly top 10 safety violation lists that any method to keep your workers safe at height must be a top priority.

Adding certain fall protection equipment, such as a tie-off system, provides life-saving protection for your employees. Combined with proper education and training, these systems can reduce worker falls during dangerous conditions at any height. One aspect to consider when implementing such a system is how you want to mount your fall protection. There are multiple options to do so, and each offers benefits. Which you choose depends on your working environment and needs.

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When To Replace Pallet Rack

July 21, 2022

View of warehouse pallet rack used for storage

As a long-term investment, pallet racks tend to “go the distance”; you can count on them to retain their strength and integrity for years.

Even so, replacing your pallet rack might be a matter of damage (over time or suddenly) or from other reasons such as age or changes in your storage operation. Let’s review the reasons you might want to partially or fully replace your rack.

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AGVs Implementation And Pathway Considerations

June 28, 2022

agv navigating a pathway

Automated Guided Vehicles are no longer an anomaly when it comes to adding productivity and efficiency to operations. As robotics of many varieties infiltrate facilities and work alongside human counterparts, adoption is becoming commonplace.

With this new embrace of automation, and specifically AGVs, comes new considerations within your warehouse. Daily interactions lead to new precautions to protect workers and your new equipment from damage. One area that must be addressed is your floors and aisles, for they will see a new age of comings and goings.

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Built To Spill: Containment Options For Any Facility

May 26, 2022

Spill from containers in facility storage area

Safety is multifaceted, from ceiling to floor and everything between. Operational safety processes boost your overall productivity and bottom line. Some kinds of safety are more apparent and easier to visualize than others; things like forklift safety or machine guarding. One safety concern that should always be addressed, but might be overlooked, is spill containment.

Spill prevention and containment are important to protect workers and the environment around your facility. No one wants the hassle, potentially deadly injuries, or costly aftermath that comes with chemical spills in a warehouse, factory or processing facility. With that in mind, what are good options to help keep chemicals contained?

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National Forklift Safety Day is June 14th

May 12, 2022

National Forklift Safety Day logo for June 14th 2022

This year’s National Forklift Safety Day takes place on June 14, marking the 9th consecutive year the program—which puts a spotlight on forklift safety—has been operating. It’s a good time to refresh your knowledge, reflect on the dangers and take stock of the way you use forklifts in your warehouse.

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