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10 Easy Tips to Increase Warehouse Safety

February 15, 2024

forklift accessing load stored on pallet rack

Insufficient safety measures in warehouse and distribution centers can have severe repercussions, including injuries, operational downtime, product losses, property damages, and potential legal actions. Of particular concern are accidents involving collisions between forklifts or other vehicles and employees or visitors.

Within busy operations, a forklift or other vehicle may eventually run into existing rack. While the rack may not require immediate replacement, storage capacity and product throughput may be compromised for some time. If overloaded, or loaded incorrectly, a rack can also collapse, spilling the inventory to the ground. Employees and visitors must also be protected from vehicle traffic.

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Increase Vehicle Access With The Right Loading Dock Lift

February 8, 2024

pit mounted dock lift in warehouse behind dock door

I suspect you’ve heard somewhere that your dock is the “lifeblood” of your facility. Certainly, there’s no denying this reality, given that so much consistently flows in and out of this highly charged area. The name of the game is to create the most efficient movements within your dock while also keeping a watchful eye on the safety and security of those within it.

To move more and reap more from that, you want to allow for any type of delivery vehicle to enter and exit. There’s certainly a wide variety, and enhancing your existing physical dock location and limitations is key.

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OSHA’s Top Violations for 2023

January 11, 2024

OSHA Top 10 Violations 2020

Ensuring workplace safety is a continuous pursuit, particularly in manufacturing and warehousing industries, where risks abound. The annual release of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Top 10 list of the most frequently cited workplace safety violations serves as a beacon for operations to navigate potential hazards.

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Warehouse Parking Lot Safety – What Are Your Best Protection Options?

November 16, 2023

Factory parking lot

Creating a culture of safety is a high priority (and always ongoing) in any facility that values its operations. Whether it is safer forklift/pedestrian interactions, ergonomic improvements, or machine protection, every warehouse is constantly working to improve the conditions within its walls.

But what about the area outside, say, in the parking lot? Sure, it’s not a glamorous area, but you want to keep your workers safe and secure there too!

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Drum Handling Options – Applications Matter

October 19, 2023

Forklift using drum handling attachment to move drums

While not every facility moves or uses drums for storage, those that do have a necessity to keep them safe. Whether they contain hazardous material or not, the effort to keep barrels upright and from spilling never ends, because who wants lost product or an unsafe work environment?

To ensure your workers keep drums handled correctly, there are multiple solutions available.

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Ensure Smoother Operations with Pallet Dollies

September 21, 2023

Worker using pallet dolly in warehouse

The new age of material handling solutions is bringing many products once unheard of. Whether it’s an automated process designed to ease the burden on employees and improve throughput, or new safety features that increase awareness while removing danger, futuristic improvements are being adopted at an incredible rate.

There are, however, some tried and true methods of ferrying items from one area to another in a facility. Take the pallet dolly….a solution that’s been around forever and stood the test of time (and movement!).

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Fall Protection Equipment – Harness Adjustment Guidelines

August 17, 2023

Worker in fall protection harness

If your operation requires workers to conduct some aspect from certain heights, then you know fall protection. Keeping your workers safe from falls isn’t just a top priority, it’s most likely the most top priority!

The numbers back this up, with yearly OSHA stats showing falls topping the lists time and time again. There’s even a yearly campaign to raise awareness for stopping falls with education, training and accountability. Combine all of this with protective gear designed to stop falls and protect workers, and you can have an effective fall safety program.

When considering the equipment needed, introducing the right fall arrest system featuring tie-offs, lanyards and harnesses is the lifeblood of this protection. But to ensure the person using them is truly safe, the harness has to fit right.

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Air Conditioner Protection

July 13, 2023

Facility with industrial AC cages to protect equipment

Recently in Tulsa, where I live, we were in the midst of a large power outage due to a violent thunderstorm. Thunderstorms are not at all uncommon in this part of the country, but power outages associated with them are. What made matters worse was that the heat of the summer was just starting to blanket the city as well. As electrical workers are tirelessly repairing the damage, many residents are battling the heat without their biggest weapon, their air conditioning.

For an industrial facility, keeping your workers comfortable and cool is a top priority as the temperatures rise. But what about protecting those investments made to keep your operations cold?

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When Should You Use a Yard Ramp?

July 6, 2023

yard ramp with a truck trailer in a shipping yard

Yard ramps are great for letting you load trailers in situations where you can’t back them to a dock because they can easily adjust to trailer heights. You can also use them to connect dock height to the ground in situations where that’s necessary. Beyond these basic situations, there are detailed reasons for using a dock ramp. Let’s look at those reasons:

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Resources for National Forklift Safety Day

June 8, 2023

National Forklift Safety Day logo for June 13th 2023

Every year National Forklift Safety Day is recognized in June, providing a spotlight on the valuable resources for any safety program. With educational sessions, opportunities to connect with like-minded safety managers, and programs available to check out and apply, any facility wanting to upgrade its forklift/pedestrian programs can find something valuable.

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