Vanishing Point – Finding Warehouse Workers In The New Normal

July 20, 2021

warehouse workers walking and evaluating facility

As we navigate through a vaccination-ramped up world, many potential workers that either had tough choices to make or were left behind are now in demand by virtually all industries. The labor pool has shrunk, and many companies are finding the acquiring of talent a massive headache. Those roles within a warehouse that would otherwise be much easier to fill are requiring effort and enticement never needed before to bring in potential employees.

Warehouse employment is at an all-time high, so how can you sell your facility as an interesting and exciting place to work at? We review some options.

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Shoptalk: Low Clearance Alarm Bars

July 13, 2021

low clearance alarm bar stopping lift truck

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Logan reviews how low clearance bars reduce expensive structural damage by alerting drivers to clearance heights before they enter.

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Guide To Industrial Space Optimization

June 22, 2021

warehouse floor

Taking advantage of every inch within your facility space is critical to push operations forward. The new Cisco-Eagle guide to space optimization shows how layout affects everything you do, and what the right design and equipment offer.

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June Is National Safety Month

June 10, 2021

national safety month 2021

Using National Safety Month to focus on improvements for your workers is always the goal, but with this being the 25th anniversary of focusing on safety in the workplace, we at Cisco-Eagle’s safety division wanted to take the time to properly showcase what this program has to offer this month and highlight areas where safety equipment help.

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National Forklift Safety Day June 8th

June 8, 2021

Once again June has come and with it National Forklift Safety Day.  Now working in its eighth year, this program continues to serve as an opportunity for forklift manufacturers and the industry to highlight the safe use of forklifts, the value of operator training, and the need for daily equipment checks.

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Carry That Weight: What is Your Warehouse Floor Capable of?

May 20, 2021

Pallet rack floor

I’ve become an expert in the shifting soil beneath my house over the years. With most of my area enriched with clay soil, I have gotten to know and understand the subtle shifts that occur in my foundation for each season. There have been areas of concern and repairs to make as my foundation has shifted over the years. It’s something we just have to deal with.

Your warehouse covers a much larger area than my one-story home, but regardless of how much foundation you have, you want to make sure your floor can handle the shifts and carry the weight it holds.

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Download Our Guide To Order Picking

May 13, 2021

order picker in search
When searching for the right order picking equipment to meet your facility’s methods and operations, the amount of variety available can be overwhelming. To help with this, Cisco-Eagle has created a new guide to order picking equipment and methods to help you find the picking sweet spot.

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New Promotions For Cisco-Eagle

May 6, 2021

During April, we promoted the following Cisco-Eagle employee-owners. Because we are employee-owned, we have many longtime employee-owners who excel at their work and can take the next step in their careers as we grow.

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Shoptalk: Forklift Warning Lights

May 4, 2021

forklift LED arc safety light

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Missy, who works extensively with forklift safety lights and other accessories, discusses the different styles and types of forklift safety lights available, and how to choose the right light for your operation. Different styles of lights will bring you different levels of safety and protection. Missy lines out what each type of forklift light will do for you in this video.

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OSHA’s 2020 Top 10 Violations

April 8, 2021

OSHA Top 10 Violations 2020

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced the Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for the fiscal year 2020. While last year was certainly a year unlike any other and created many a new normal in terms of warehouse operations, the safety violations represented are oldies but goodies for sure. There were some chart movements, but the top 2 remain unchanged. Cue up your long-distance dedication, and let’s start the countdown.

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