Cisco-Eagle’s 2021 ESOP Poster

October 21, 2021

ESOP 2021 Cisco-Eagle poster

Cisco-Eagle holds an annual poster contest to celebrate our employee ownership culture. Being a 100% employee-owned company, we strive to create ways for our members to share their talents. This is part of our effort to help us embrace the partnership culture that lets us deliver exceptional service. This year, Christine Perry designed the winning poster.

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Forklift Multi-Tasking – Using Accessories That Matter

October 7, 2021

forklift with drum attachment

As new technologies emerge to help keep forklifts safer around pedestrians and each other, finding new ways to utilize your fleet of forklifts is more important than ever. Since supply chains are tight, more efficiency and safety should matter more than ever. Forklift accessories provide that aid in daily processes can offer that extra help without new lift trucks.

But what kind of accessories are out there?

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Cisco-Eagle Opens Central Florida Office

September 23, 2021

Mark Palmer Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle has established operations in Central Florida, according to Vice President of Sales James Murphy.

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Supply Chain Challenges

September 16, 2021

shipping port moving containers

Logjams are a daily port occurrence, chip-shortages curtailing manufacturing, and inventories of all goods at record lows. In this ever-changing material handling era, challenges facing every operation are around every corner. Having your head on a swivel to avoid surprises is easier said than accomplished, with each aspect of production and delivery touched by these winds of change.

One of the larger culprits is the tumultuous supply chain issues that plague our industry–and most others–today. We’re tackling these issues in a number of ways.

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Machine Guarding For Maximum Protection

September 9, 2021

machine guarding wire partition

Automated equipment was a fast-growing sector before the pandemic, but is gathering more momentum and acceptance as companies face labor shortages and increased demand. Forging a more efficient environment means embracing automation–it’s inevitable.

With more instances of machine and man working together happening every day in a warehouse, one factor any facility wants to target is keeping your workers safe around this new automation. While education and training are important routes for this, implementing safety systems also adds protection. One way to not only protect your workers but also your investment is by using machine guarding systems.

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How to Choose the Right Pallet Drop Gate

August 26, 2021

mezzanine gates to stop pallet dropping

Pallet drop safety gates help ensure that employees and material will be protected from falls and injuries while materials are loaded and unloaded from mezzanines and other elevated platforms.

There are a wide variety of pallet drop gates in the market; however, many of the devices are better suited for specific applications and environments. It’s not always easy to pick the right design, so Aaron Conway of Mezzanine Safet-Gates has answered a few questions about the process for us.

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Cisco-Eagle Opens Charlotte Office

August 24, 2021

Greg Bates of Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle has established operations in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to Vice President of Sales James Murphy.

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Prevent Defense – Pallet Rack Protection Options from All Angles

August 10, 2021

pallet rack guard

Traffic coming and going within your facility’s pallet rack storage areas is a daily occurrence (or at least it better be!) and the higher the traffic, the better off your operations are probably doing. With tight supply chains, inventory shortages, longer lead times and limited patience from customers, movement around your rack is a constant. You can’t afford an accident. With that constant activity comes the potential for rack and inventory damage from various angles and situations. With that in mind, what are some simple ways you can protect your pallet rack?

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Cisco-Eagle Promotes Cameron Wilson to Oklahoma Sales Director

July 30, 2021

Cameron Wilson of Cisco-Eagle

Cisco-Eagle has promoted Cameron Wilson to Oklahoma Director of Sales according to James Murphy, Vice-President of Sales.

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Vanishing Point – Finding Warehouse Workers In The New Normal

July 20, 2021

warehouse workers walking and evaluating facility

As we navigate through a vaccination-ramped up world, many potential workers that either had tough choices to make or were left behind are now in demand by virtually all industries. The labor pool has shrunk, and many companies are finding the acquiring of talent a massive headache. Those roles within a warehouse that would otherwise be much easier to fill are requiring effort and enticement never needed before to bring in potential employees.

Warehouse employment is at an all-time high, so how can you sell your facility as an interesting and exciting place to work at? We review some options.

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