Machine Guarding For Maximum Protection

September 9, 2021

machine guarding wire partition

Automated equipment was a fast-growing sector before the pandemic, but is gathering more momentum and acceptance as companies face labor shortages and increased demand. Forging a more efficient environment means embracing automation–it’s inevitable.

With more instances of machine and man working together happening every day in a warehouse, one factor any facility wants to target is keeping your workers safe around this new automation. While education and training are important routes for this, implementing safety systems also adds protection. One way to not only protect your workers but also your investment is by using machine guarding systems.

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Cisco-Eagle Receives Awards from Steel King, WireCrafters

June 3, 2021

Steel King Most Valuable Dealer Award
Pictured: Cisco-Eagle VP of Sales James Murphy and Senior Project Manager Larry Victory

Two of our leading manufacturer partners, WireCrafters and Steel King recently awarded Cisco-Eagle for outstanding performance in 2020.

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Download Our Guide To Warehouse Security

March 4, 2021

warehouse security layout

Every facility fights a constant battle to keep its equipment and product safe and secure from theft. You want to maintain access for high-value items while also limiting availability to only those that really need to handle them. Our new guide to industrial security is here to help you find the right security options to fit your operations.

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How to Specify and Design Dock Door Security Cages

February 2, 2021

Driver access cage securing a warehouse personnel door.

Dock door security cages are used to control access to warehouse facilities, docks and receiving areas where drivers, service workers and others enter a building. They are typically 2 or 3-sided and cover a dock’s personnel access door while allowing truck drivers and other visitors to enter the facility, but not the warehouse and general storage or production areas. This lets you admit visitors (or not) as your security and safety rules dictate.

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Shoptalk: Pallet Rack Enclosures

January 14, 2021

shoptalk on rack enclosures with Tina

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Tina, Sales Support for our Oklahoma City office, discusses how to keep high-value materials secure with rack enclosures.

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Space And Time – Distancing On The Warehouse Floor

October 6, 2020

As we’ve discussed before, the age of Covid-19 has brought not just a new normal for ourselves and communities, but for the warehouses and facilities we work in as well. As we pass the summer and venture head-on into the fall and winter months, many locations are starting to see an easing of the restrictions that were in place to protect workers. As these restrictions are lifted and there begins an (at least partial) return to normal, each facility must now make adjustments to this new normal of how to protect those returning to work and what to apply to their floor operations for future protection.

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The Basement Tapes – Tenant Lockers Options For Your Condo

August 18, 2020

tenant lockers

As multi-family apartments and condominiums are continuing to be constructed at a fast pace nationwide, the need for those that dwell in those spaces to store their belongings is a need that never goes away, only amplified by our e-commerce consumer culture. If your location doesn’t offer storage for tenant excess, then consider using storage lockers to solve this problem and (possibly) make you some extra money.

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Keeping Safe Distance With Wire Partitions

April 9, 2020

driver cage for safe distancing

Wire partitions are a safe way to provide secure storage for critical inventory, tools and components in any manufacturing or distribution facility. They can be relied upon in a variety of applications to protect inventory and reduce shrinkage.

In the Covid-19 age of social distancing, using cages to enforce distances is a relatively new but critical function. When it comes to protecting your workers, you want to look at all methods. While wire partitions can’t be used in every situation where there’s a need for employee distancing and protection, in some aspects they can certainly help.

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Innovative Ways to Secure Your Facility with Wire Partitions

January 10, 2019

pallet rack security cage
The typical application for a warehouse wire security cage is on the floor, in the plant, to create a secure storage room or tool crib. This usually means something with one to four sides, depending on the surrounding areas, a gate (or more than one), a ceiling, windows, or other additions. What are some ways you can create security beyond the simple cage?

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The Benefits of Data Center Organization

April 10, 2018

datacenter securitycage

The need to house and secure data and the rise of E-Commerce have pushed the construction of datacenter facilities to an all time high. With this growth, the importance of organization has become more critical. These are fast-paced environments filled with delicate equipment and faced with rising demand. A properly organized data center can save power, reduce risk to the servers and save you time and energy.

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