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The Basement Tapes – Tenant Lockers Options For Your Condo

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As multi-family apartments and condominiums are continuing to be constructed at a fast pace nationwide, the need for those that dwell in those spaces to store their belongings is a need that never goes away, only amplified by our e-commerce consumer culture. If your location doesn’t offer storage for tenant excess, then consider using storage lockers to solve this problem and (possibly) make you some extra money.

Solutions for storage headaches

Tenant Storage Lockers provide sturdy, secure storage for your residential customers. A system of lockers is easily reconfigured or realigned, and flexible enough to adapt to your changing situation.

Tenant locker choices

For most multi-family locations, there are two great options for tenant lockers:

  • Modular Wire – Modular tenant lockers are constructed from 10-gauge welded wire mesh with 2″ x 2″ openings to guard against pilferage, eliminating space for thieving hands. The bolt-together panels provide hassle-free assembly and can be modified in the field to accommodate pipes and ducts without affecting the lockers’ structural integrity. Each locker features welded-on spun pin hinges, door strikes, and padlock hasps to help keep residents’ property secure.
  • Wire Mesh – These lockers come in single and double tier configurations, and range from 3’W x 3’D to 4’W x 5’D, and are a full 90″ tall. Built with 4-gauge galvanized welded wire mesh, with 1-1/2″ x 3″ openings. The security features offered include a full door hinged anti-pry locking bar and padlock hasps. These lockers are perfectly suited to residential applications since they are smaller than some of the alternatives.

Both offer flexibility and security needed to house personal items. Your choice will come down to the size and scope of space you have, and how many lockers you want to add for tenant storage needs.

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Adding lockers brings added benefits

Whichever type of tenant locker you choose, your complex will reap a wide-range of benefits from having them.

Capacity options

tenant storage lockersWhen beginning to add lockers to your location, you always have the option of starting slow and not ordering a locker for each tenant at the start. Simple fact is, not all who live there may want to take advantage of an onsite storage locker when they become available. Once they see how other tenants are using them for added storage, that’s when the request for more should start. Discussing this new addition with each unit is a helpful way to gauge interest and plan for the future, as you can always add on.

Secure storage

Not only is added space a huge draw, but the security that comes with it will have your tenants delighted at the option. These storage units are pad-lockable, with steel frames that easily and securely attach to existing walls. With these secure features, each family using the lockers will have peace of mind that their valuables are safely stored away from prying hands.

With both locker options being made of wire mesh, you can also assure your tenants of protection from such things as mold or moisture.

Extra revenue

tenant storage lockers fullThere are so many hidden costs when it comes to being a property owner that many landlords don’t want to invest in anything beyond the essentials. However, storage lockers aren’t just another amenity that will go underutilized by your tenants. In fact, they can actually be a surprisingly effective revenue generator.

As a property owner, you’ll have to decide how much to charge for your residents to rent a storage locker. However, even a small fee can generate revenue over time. You even have the potential of recouping your initial costs faster than expected, making any future or ongoing fees a nice profit.

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