Bowing, Leaning and Out-of-Square Pallet Racks: Causes & Solutions

July 8, 2021

A row of heavily loaded pallet rack in an industrial warehouse.

Racks will often be damaged over a long lifetime of use. When you see a bent beam, out-of-square beam, damaged upright or other issues with your pallet racks, you can’t ignore it.

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Pallet Rack Clearances: Lateral, Vertical and Building Structures

May 11, 2021

Warehouse rack with worker placing a pallet into tight space on a pallet rack

One of the critical aspects of pallet rack system design, aside from the specs of the rack itself, are the various clearances between rack components, the loads and the surrounding environment. Flue space can be critical for fire safety compliance. Space between a rack row and the row behind it can contribute to a safer and more effective rack system. Narrow aisles can contribute to accidents. Too tall? You could cause damaged and falling inventory, as well as damage to fixtures or HVAC components.

At the end of the day, the space around the rack is nearly as important as the rack itself.

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OSHA’s 2020 Top 10 Violations

April 8, 2021

OSHA Top 10 Violations 2020

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced the Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for the fiscal year 2020. While last year was certainly a year unlike any other and created many a new normal in terms of warehouse operations, the safety violations represented are oldies but goodies for sure. There were some chart movements, but the top 2 remain unchanged. Cue up your long-distance dedication, and let’s start the countdown.

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Download Our Guide To Workstations

March 9, 2021


Ergonomics in the warehouse is a constant focus that each operation looks to improve. You want your workers to perform better each day while reducing factors that contribute to missed time and injuries. One way to achieve this is by adding workbenches to your facility. When built to the right specifications, workbenches help people work faster, more accurately and more ergonomically. That’s why we’ve added a new guide to workstations.

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Download Our Guide To Warehouse Security

March 4, 2021

warehouse security layout

Every facility fights a constant battle to keep its equipment and product safe and secure from theft. You want to maintain access for high-value items while also limiting availability to only those that really need to handle them. Our new guide to industrial security is here to help you find the right security options to fit your operations.

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Integrating Conveyors and Industrial Lifts

March 2, 2021

scissor lift for pallet handling in a conveyor line.
Above: scissor lift/rotator at the end of pallet conveyor line

Conveyors and scissor lifts are frequently integrated due to the fact that it’s such an efficient way to manipulate loads along a conveyor line. Loads can be lifted, raised or rotated on a lift table for a variety of activities. When you need to actively work on a conveyed item, it’s ideal. Here’s how to go about it.

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Download Our Forklift Accessories Guide

January 26, 2021

forklift in warehouse

The right accessories make your forklifts safer, more efficient and more productive. Because forklifts are a staple of most every warehouse, finding ways to make them more versatile and safer will always pay off. We believe that every forklift and warehouse can work better, and have released this new forklift accessories guide that shares some of our experience on the subject.

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Warehouse Bins & Containers Specification

January 5, 2021

Hanging warehouse bins on a rail system with small parts and labels.

Most warehouses use bins, cartons or containers as bulk product shipments are broken into “eaches” or smaller quantities for putaway, storage and eventual picking. This is also largely true of assembly and manufacturing lines where components are transported between workstations and work is progressively done. While they don’t exactly break the bank given their costs, specifying the wrong container can result in a less efficient, less ergonomic operation.

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Download Our Guide To Safe, Efficient Loading Dock Operations

December 8, 2020

forklift at the loading dock

Loading docks are critical because they’re where everything is received—and eventually shipped. The right shipping & receiving setup means smooth product flow, faster putaway and more accurate fulfillment. In short, it means a safer and better operation. To help you protect your docks and your people, check out our new dock equipment guide.

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2020 Warehouse/DC Operations Trends

December 3, 2020

masked forklift driver

Each year, the Warehouse and Distribution Center Operations Survey asks logistics and warehouse operators about their current business and challenges. The responses showcase trends that companies are coping with. The 2020 edition of this survey, though, reflect an industry that was impacted profoundly by this new age of Covid-19 that we are currently experiencing. In short, this is a year unlike any other, and it shows in what the respondents provided to the survey.

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