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The Right Caster Can Be a Game Changer

Solve 3 very important problems by finding the right wheel solution

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Casters in an industrial facility

Casters need a moment! They know you don’t think about them in the grand scheme of a facility’s operations. They know they’re overlooked most of the time….until they’re not for all the wrong reasons.

But, if you take some time to get to the ground level of things, you can see that casters keep your warehouse moving forward. Yes, the task they carry out is a simple one (at least from our perspective), but only if you outfit your operations with the right caster solutions. You don’t want reoccurring problems with your casters, either.

The right caster solution makes all the difference

How adding the right caster keeps your operations rolling along

  • Reduces rolling noise which improves the overall work environment
  • Greatly improves total maintenance time and cost needed
  • Designed for heavy-duty use, which increases productivity and keeps items rolling in tough environments

Improve rolling noise

People working in production facilities or distribution centers are well aware of the fluctuating noise levels in them. Whether it’s the sound of forklifts, the incessant hum of conveyors, or the rhythmic pounding of machinery it can become a constant headache. The wrong caster choice only adds to this noise symphony, be it from a squeaky or noisy wheel that never ceases as it rolls and rolls along.

Solving a “loud wheel” problem is a simple one once you know what to look for. A standard polyurethane caster just won’t cut it for noise reduction, so look for a wheel that makes an impact (pun intended!). Switching to a shock-absorbing wheel, like the Omega, for example, will greatly reduce the amount of noise moving by. This is because the Omega version flexes when it encounters obstacles and absorbs the impact that generally is transferred to the equipment riding on the casters. The results are quieter working environments for your employees.

But that’s not the only benefit of switching to a special urethane wheel like the Omega! It also can traverse rough terrain and sharp objects without getting damaged or torn, unlike regular polyurethane wheels, thanks to its specifically engineered polymers and sturdy design. This leads to lower maintenance expenses, and a longer lifespan compared to standard polyurethane wheels.

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Reduce your maintenance costs

multiple caster options on display

Downtime and maintenance costs are always around the corner in any facility, and that certainly applies to caster use as well. Especially if your wheels roll through a rough environment on a daily basis. Your garden variety casters will need regular monitoring for lubrication and movement wearing. Just like in upgrading to reduce rolling noise, finding the right caster solution can help eliminate costly maintenance as well.

Maintenance-free casters are a recently developed design in the industry that provides a sealed-precision swivel, noiseless operation, and uninterrupted maintenance-free performance. When combined with the appropriate wheels, maintenance-free casters are perfect for decreasing noise levels and removing the need for greasing. Another added benefit is improved ergonomics in the form of reduced push/pull forces.

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Don’t forget heavy-duty action

Noise and maintenance are all fine, but what about the real reason for caster wear in heavy-duty action in a facility? Many operations demand a lot from the material handling equipment they use, and casters are no exception. In fact, they probably take even more of a beating given the repetitive use on a daily basis. You’ve got a pounding coming from multiple angles….be it the type of floor they’re rolling on (rough concrete, wood or other irregular surfaces) to also the loads they’re hauling.

Switching to a cast iron wheel is an ideal solution. They’re constructed with reinforced materials and a solid core design, which provides a significant performance advantage compared to less expensive semi-steel wheels. With their exceptional durability, versatility, and heat resistance, these high-quality wheels are an excellent option for carrying heavy loads in manufacturing and warehouse settings. Don’t forget the elements too, because your cast iron wheels won’t….high-temp areas or even outdoor environments don’t phase these tough rollers.

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So if you’re looking to improve overall maintenance costs in your operations, take a second to look down at the wheels that are moving. By switching to a “better” wheel solution, you could reap multiple benefits in the long run!

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