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Warehouse Ergonomics and Productivity: an Inseparable Relationship

February 6, 2024

picking conveyor line in a warehouse with heavy beverage loads at waist height
Improving the ergonomics of any warehouse operation may be the single easiest way to improve productivity – and that’s aside from the obvious safety and labor force protection aspects. Consider all the ways people move and work every day, every week, every year. Those repetitive motions take a toll both on the people doing the work and overall productivity. Ergonomics and productivity are not only related: they’re essential to each other.

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OSHA’s Top Violations for 2023

January 11, 2024

OSHA Top 10 Violations 2020

Ensuring workplace safety is a continuous pursuit, particularly in manufacturing and warehousing industries, where risks abound. The annual release of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Top 10 list of the most frequently cited workplace safety violations serves as a beacon for operations to navigate potential hazards.

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Warehouse Parking Lot Safety – What Are Your Best Protection Options?

November 16, 2023

Factory parking lot

Creating a culture of safety is a high priority (and always ongoing) in any facility that values its operations. Whether it is safer forklift/pedestrian interactions, ergonomic improvements, or machine protection, every warehouse is constantly working to improve the conditions within its walls.

But what about the area outside, say, in the parking lot? Sure, it’s not a glamorous area, but you want to keep your workers safe and secure there too!

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Fall Protection Equipment – Harness Adjustment Guidelines

August 17, 2023

Worker in fall protection harness

If your operation requires workers to conduct some aspect from certain heights, then you know fall protection. Keeping your workers safe from falls isn’t just a top priority, it’s most likely the most top priority!

The numbers back this up, with yearly OSHA stats showing falls topping the lists time and time again. There’s even a yearly campaign to raise awareness for stopping falls with education, training and accountability. Combine all of this with protective gear designed to stop falls and protect workers, and you can have an effective fall safety program.

When considering the equipment needed, introducing the right fall arrest system featuring tie-offs, lanyards and harnesses is the lifeblood of this protection. But to ensure the person using them is truly safe, the harness has to fit right.

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OSHA’s Warehouse Safety Emphasis Program: An Analysis

August 1, 2023

Illustration of an automated warehouse being inspected.

Warehousing grown for most of the last decade, with a 5-6% annual growth rate expected for the next 5 years. That level of expansion stresses labor availability and supply chains, but has another implication: safety. In July 2023, OSHA announced what it terms a “new national emphasis” for workplace hazards for warehouses, distribution centers and retail storage facilities. Since nearly 2 million people work in the industry, the agency is interested in reducing injuries across the board.

What are the implications of this emphasis?

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Resources for National Forklift Safety Day

June 8, 2023

National Forklift Safety Day logo for June 13th 2023

Every year National Forklift Safety Day is recognized in June, providing a spotlight on the valuable resources for any safety program. With educational sessions, opportunities to connect with like-minded safety managers, and programs available to check out and apply, any facility wanting to upgrade its forklift/pedestrian programs can find something valuable.

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Fall Protection Mounting Methods

October 11, 2022

Fall protection mount in industrial environment

Fall protection has such a stranglehold on OSHA’s yearly top 10 safety violation lists that any method to keep your workers safe at height must be a top priority.

Adding certain fall protection equipment, such as a tie-off system, provides life-saving protection for your employees. Combined with proper education and training, these systems can reduce worker falls during dangerous conditions at any height. One aspect to consider when implementing such a system is how you want to mount your fall protection. There are multiple options to do so, and each offers benefits. Which you choose depends on your working environment and needs.

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Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection

August 4, 2022

rooftop edge with railing

Rooftop safety is an often overlooked area for any facility when it comes to keeping workers protected. In the past, there was minimal equipment designed for this purpose and limited education/training.

OSHA issued a recent ruling on walking/working surfaces, which stressed the need for fall protection for those surfaces  (29 CFR 1910 Subparts D&I). This may be significant for a number of operations and the way you protect people who work in these areas. Particularly if you have a rooftop edge or other potentially unguarded platform where people may work, there are steps you should take.

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Built To Spill: Containment Options For Any Facility

May 26, 2022

Spill from containers in facility storage area

Safety is multifaceted, from ceiling to floor and everything between. Operational safety processes boost your overall productivity and bottom line. Some kinds of safety are more apparent and easier to visualize than others; things like forklift safety or machine guarding. One safety concern that should always be addressed, but might be overlooked, is spill containment.

Spill prevention and containment are important to protect workers and the environment around your facility. No one wants the hassle, potentially deadly injuries, or costly aftermath that comes with chemical spills in a warehouse, factory or processing facility. With that in mind, what are good options to help keep chemicals contained?

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Ergonomics and Pallet Handling

March 10, 2022

Workers with various loaded pallets on a warehouse dock staging area

Palletized loads are one of the most common—and most difficult—areas of concern for ergonomic warehouse operations. In an era of labor shortages and increased safety concerns, dealing with pallets and palletized loads should be a higher-priority target for warehouse operations.

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