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OSHA’s Warehouse Safety Emphasis Program: An Analysis

August 1, 2023

Illustration of an automated warehouse being inspected.

Warehousing grown for most of the last decade, with a 5-6% annual growth rate expected for the next 5 years. That level of expansion stresses labor availability and supply chains, but has another implication: safety. In July 2023, OSHA announced what it terms a “new national emphasis” for workplace hazards for warehouses, distribution centers and retail storage facilities. Since nearly 2 million people work in the industry, the agency is interested in reducing injuries across the board.

What are the implications of this emphasis?

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Fall Protection Basics For Your Warehouse

July 10, 2018

worker using fall protection

Fall protection dominated OSHA’s top 10 list for safety violations. Again.

Worker safety when above ground is an area that every business, from manufacturing to e-commerce, takes careful consideration to address. And with good cause. According to the National Safety Council, fall injuries contribute to a large percentage of workers’ compensation and medical costs for companies from all types of industries. This cost has been approximated at 70 billion dollars annually in the United States alone. You want to provide your employees with the best in fall protection equipment, but what should you look for to create that safe environment?

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Fall Protection for Rooftop and Catwalk Workers

March 10, 2016

rooftop fall protection systems

Work on rooftops is dangerous – even for those with long experience. It’s easy to get over-confident, forgetful, and unaware of how close you are to a potential fall. Workers often push the limits to finish up faster, step unexpectedly in the wrong place, or trip and fall into a skylight or roof hatch. In fact, according to OSHA, falls are the #1 cause of fatalities in construction, with nearly 400 deaths in 2014 alone.

What can be done to protect these workers and contractors?

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Conveyors and Falling Item Prevention

August 20, 2015

conveyor overhead system

Conveyors are often installed overhead or suspended from the ceiling to help conserve floor space or to interface with mezzanines or platforms. This may create potential fall hazards. Loads can fall from inclined conveyors as they are conveyed up or down, or be subject to other factors that can cause a fall from an elevated line. Even on a floor-mounted conveyor, a spill can split a case, land on an order pickers’ toes, or damage inventory.

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Seismic Zones and Pallet Rack: An Evolving Situation

August 12, 2015


Is your facility in a seismic zone? Are you sure?

An increasing number of areas across the United States are demonstrating geological stresses and increased fault pressures that lead to earthquakes and smaller seismic events. So much more that our national seismic map was recently updated to include areas of the northeast and southern tier states not previously known for earthquakes, as well as enhanced zone classification in the inter-mountain west and known fault areas. Are you sure your pallet rack is correctly configured to withstand seismic ground forces?

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