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Randy Williams is Cisco-Eagle’s 2021-2022 Employee-Owner of the Year

April 14, 2022
Presentation of award obelisk in front of Employee Owner of the Year wall plaque

CEO Darein Gandall presents Randy Williams with the award

Randy Williams has been named Cisco-Eagle’s 2021-2022 Employee-Owner of the Year by his fellow employee-owners.

The award is presented annually by Cisco-Eagle’s ESOP Advisory Committee. The award is unique because management plays no role in its selection; all nominations come from Cisco-Eagle employee-owners. A committee of peers—not management—chooses the winner. This means that our winners have earned genuine respect and admiration from the people around them.

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Shoptalk: DEA-Compliant Cages for Controlled Substances

January 11, 2022

video subject in front of a storage cage

In the most recent installment in our Shoptalk video series, employee-owner (and Design Technician Manager) Edward Wallis discusses the differences between DEA-compliant security cages for controlled substances and general security cages. If you deal with pharmaceuticals or other sensitive inventory, you need to know the critical differences between general inventory and controlled substance secure storage.

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Shoptalk: Vertical Conveyor Safety Gates and Enclosures

March 16, 2021

man using yellow gate on VRC loaded with boxes

Vertical reciprocating conveyors—or VRCs—make it easy to move materials between levels, such as onto a mezzanine or down to basement storage. As you might expect, this equipment involves enclosures and access features for optimum safety. In this installment of our Shoptalk series, employee-owner Christine Perry offers a quick look at these features.

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The “A” Word: How to Talk About Automation with Your Team

January 28, 2021

warehouse worker wearing a headset scanning a box

Maybe you’ve reached a point in your business where automation seems inevitable. You have to scale up to keep up, and you need new technology. We advise companies on this transition, and it can start with smaller changes than you might think. But if you haven’t broken the seal yet, you might be wondering: how do I discuss this with my employees?

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