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Ways to make your forklifts safer and more versatile

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The right accessories make your forklifts safer, more efficient and more productive. Because forklifts are a staple of most every warehouse, finding ways to make them more versatile and safer will always pay off. We believe that every forklift and warehouse can work better, and have released this new forklift accessories guide that shares some of our experience on the subject.

What’s inside the forklift accessory guide

download the forklift accessory guide

  • Forklift warning lights focus: Discover how the different types of forklift lights we offer can illuminate your path to safer operations and protected pedestrians. We also offer tips on how to effectively place these lights on your forklifts, and how the right settings are critical.
  • Pedestrian detection systems: Find out how the application of the latest identification and detection technologies help protect pedestrians from costly forklift accidents.
  • Safer loading & unloading products: Help your drivers pick and place pallets in places they can’t see. Cameras, laser markers, tilt indicators and other aids make this easier and safer.
  • Protection for drivers & loads: Learn how cab covers and fork covers protect both driver and load from potential damage and injury.

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