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Shoptalk: Pallet Rack Enclosures

Secure your high-valued items by adding an extra level of protection

Pallet Rack Enclosure Inquiry

shoptalk on rack enclosures with Tina

In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Tina, Sales Support for our Oklahoma City office, discusses how to keep high-value materials secure with rack enclosures.

You may have high-value property, equipment or even hazardous material that need more security than general inventory. To restrict access or prevent theft, adding rack enclosures  is a great way to provide an extra level of protection to items you deem worthy.

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These solid-sided enclosures keep prying eyes out and sticky-fingers off your valuable property. Equipped with a smooth gliding roll-up door, they securely lock using a locking bar mechanism on the door and have tamper-resistant fasteners throughout to limit access by exterior dis-assembly. Low-maintenance and a cinch to install (only common tools needed), rack enclosures can be added to your pallet rack for secure storage and peace of mind.

Concealment and security

The key thing to remember is that these enclosures not only secure your inventory: they conceal it so that intruders can’t see what’s inside. Wire security rack enclosures are also available, but allow people to see inside the rack structure. If concealment is important to your operation, enclosures add that extra level of security.

Tina, an employee-owner since 2012, reviews how adding rack enclosures can help you deter pilferage and theft within your rack system.

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