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Shoptalk: Flexible Facility Guarding

Your options for flexible guardrails and handrails

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In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s Shoptalk series, Steve, who works in our web sales & service group, demonstrates how flexible warehouse guarding products offer an efficient way to protect workers, machinery and products from forklift impacts. Their unique flexibility lets then flex from forklift impacts without permanent damage to the rail, whatever it’s defending and the forklifts themselves.

Flexible rails absorb the forklift hit and flex back to shape, reducing damage to guardrails, the floor and the forklift. They dissipate impact energies, which allows them to last for the long term while minimizing wear on your forklift.

Steve, an employee-owner since 2018, reviews how these flexible guarding products can benefit your operation.

When implementing flexible guard rail, there are multiple components and options. We highlight the following:

flexible guar rail protecting weigh station

  • Flexible Handrail – When hit by a heavy object such as a forklift, it absorbs the impact and flexes back into shape. The post has a ductile iron core with rubber dampers, so all the collision energy is absorbed into the concrete floor, but there’s no permanent damage to the floor or the railing. 
  • Flexible Guardrail – This uses the same principle as the handrail, and is great at stopping forklifts. It has the same iron core in the posts, and the rails are a flexible polyolefin that gives a littledoesn’t deform on impact, and then return to their original shape.
  • Flexible Shock Absorbing Bollard – With a tensile steel rod and rubber dampers that absorb the shock, the flexible bollards can absorb high impact. Another unique aspect is that the cover rotates, so if it is struck from the side, the bollard spins to reduce or eliminate the damage. 
  • Floor Level Flexible Guardrails – These are simple solution for guarding walls or even just setting up a barrier around something like a conveyor or other machinery

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