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White Paper: Loss Prevention & Warehouse Security

Tips on layout, security procedures, and access control to protect inventory, tools and more

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Theft costs warehouses, manufacturers and shippers more than $15 billion a year in the United States in direct costs. But the burden doesn’t end there: indirect costs like increased insurance premiums, employee turnover, morale issues and inventory problems compound the losses. Check out our industrial security white paper for extensive information.

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Make your docks, warehouse and storage areas more secure

This white paper covers the issues and potential solutions, including these topics:

  • Why do people steal from their employers?
  • What types of inventory are most frequently stolen?
  • How can you discourage theft and pilferage?
  • What are the fundamentals of vulnerability?
  • How can you prevent collusion between your employees and outsiders?
  • How could you secure storage areas and maintain access control? What about shipping docks and staging areas?
  • What are some warehouse perimeter vulnerabilities, and how can you address them?
  • How can you develop a culture of honesty and security?

Download the white paper for extensive information

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Scott Stone is Cisco-Eagle's Vice President of Marketing with more than thirty years of experience in material handling, warehousing and industrial operations. His work is published in multiple industry journals an websites on a variety of warehousing topics. He writes about automation, warehousing, safety, manufacturing and other areas of concern for industrial operations and those who operate them.

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