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Ways to deter theft at docks, in your warehouse and around your storage areas

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Every facility fights a constant battle to keep its equipment and product safe and secure from theft. You want to maintain access for high-value items while also limiting availability to only those that really need to handle them. Our new guide to industrial security is here to help you find the right security options to fit your operations.

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  • Storage security options – Whether you need pallet rack security storage or tool crib containment, we review all options and factors to help you keep your valuable products and/or equipment safe from pilferage.
  • Dock area security – Since 87% of inventory losses occur at docks and shipping yards, dock security equipment can help play a critical security role in reducing inventory loss while also helping to keep employees safe. We highlight dock doors, folding gates and driver cages as just some of the many options.
  • Wire partition & cage options – One of the most convenient, efficient and protective ways to secure equipment or areas in your facility is by utilizing wire partitions. These versatile products can be used in warehouse storage, retail, data centers, evidence areas and other areas where you need to secure high-value items or equipment.
  • Inventory security – You’ve got goods constantly on the move or being picked and packed. With this movement comes the opportunity for theft, so reduce this by storing your goods in moveable cages, cabinets or storage lockers. Each offers increased safety for your products, and help reduce grabbing hands (that grab all they can).

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