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How to Specify Dock Area Pallet Racks

January 9, 2024

Busy warehouse shipping dock with pallets stored in racks and on the floor

Above: pallet racks are installed both to the side and in front of dock doors in tight space. Palletized loads are floor-staged nearby, further squeezing space.

Warehouse shipping docks are one of the busiest areas in any warehouse. You have the buzz of constant activity as shipments are received or processed out the door, with a mixture of people on foot, forklifts, carts, floor scales, pallets and storage areas. There may be extendable conveyors or other equipment in the same relatively compact footprint. During busy times, it gets more congested and less workable.

It’s also a popular area for palletized storage on, near and around the area. Here’s what to keep in mind:

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How to Use Conveyors for Ergonomic Truck Loading and Unloading

July 18, 2023

flexible conveyor extended into a tractor trailer for loading at a distribution center.

We recently discussed the various ways you can use conveyors to optimize the end of the line, which includes the ways they interface with trucks and trailers. The transition between the end of a conveyor system and the trucks where goods are loaded or unloaded are one of the areas where distribution centers can struggle. The traditional method has been to throw labor at the problem, but as we know in 2023, that is becoming a less useful and more difficult option.

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When Should You Use a Yard Ramp?

July 6, 2023

yard ramp with a truck trailer in a shipping yard

Yard ramps are great for letting you load trailers in situations where you can’t back them to a dock because they can easily adjust to trailer heights. You can also use them to connect dock height to the ground in situations where that’s necessary. Beyond these basic situations, there are detailed reasons for using a dock ramp. Let’s look at those reasons:

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