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How to Handle and Remove Corrugated Box Waste in Distribution Applications

December 6, 2022

Overhead conveyor system removing cardboard waste.

Without efficient waste handling flow, systems bog down as people work to clear trash from their work areas. It’s a distraction that significantly impacts productivity and safety, so removing trash from a large scale picking or packing system can be problematic. Pick systems tend to generate empty cartons, and dealing with that waste material can be costly and time consuming if not planned in advance. Devising the right waste (or empty carton) strategy cannot be minimized during the system design process.

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Forklift-Pedestrian Safety: Docks, Shipping and Receiving Areas

December 1, 2022

Forklift backing away with load at a warehouse truck dock area.

Because shipping docks are busy, sometimes chaotic areas, they can become a safety hazard if not properly managed. During a busy shift, you may find multiple forklifts, carts, walkies and other traffic trying to work across a series of bay doors, all with pedestrians potentially in the same areas. They can adjoin staging areas, which often allow even more forklifts and pedestrians to work in the same, shared area. That’s where accidents are most likely to occur.

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November Roundup: Conveyor Safety, Manufacturing and Automation

November 15, 2022

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We’ve curated a number of the most insightful tips, articles, opinions and videos we’ve been seeing this month.

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Warehouse Safety: Pedestrians, Workstations and Forklifts

November 10, 2022

Forklift aisle between warehouse work areas.

Above: work areas facing away from an active traffic aisle with pallet stacks that impede visibility for both pedestrians and forklifts. 

Forklift accidents make OSHA’s top-10 list every year without fail because forklifts are ubiquitous in American industry and interact with hundreds of thousands of people every day. One of the key places to prioritize safety is for pedestrians—the people on foot who work near and walk around forklifts on a daily basis.

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Five Decades of Partnership and Growth: Hytrol and Cisco-Eagle

November 8, 2022

Cisco-Eagle President Darein Gandall and Hytrol President David Peacock

Above: Hytrol President David Peacock (right) presents a 50th anniversary award to Cisco-Eagle CEO Darein Gandall (left)

On November 5th, 1970, Warren Gandall booked the first order in Cisco-Eagle history. Richard Nixon was president that day and if you pumped a gallon of gas, it set you back 36 cents. The company, Eagle Material Handling, was primarily a shelving and rack distributor with only three full-time employees. One of the fledgling company’s most important days—the day it became a Hytrol Conveyor integration partner—wouldn’t come until 1972.

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Racks, Shelving and Automation: Options for Effective Storage

November 1, 2022

Shelving and rack structure warehouse mezzanine with picking bins

Warehouse racks and industrial shelving are sort of like alligators and crocodiles: they look alike, they do similar things, and they are often mixed up. Both are vertical structures that have horizontal shelves for industrial storage. But they aren’t the same thing–they have distinctive missions and functions. Most warehouses use both types of storage for various types of loads, and there are gray areas where either can be used, depending on the storage strategy. Knowing the differences can help you store your inventory more efficiently and effectively.

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How to Convey Large, Heavy Loads

October 25, 2022

Conveyor with large, heavy carton

The demand for high-throughput, accurate order fulfillment isn’t only about sorting cartons, parcels and other relatively small, light packages. Large, bulky, heavy items are also in high demand and must be quickly picked, sorted and shipped.

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October Roundup: Manufacturing and Distribution, Supply Chain Education

October 13, 2022

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Some of the best articles, tips and videos we’re seeing in the world of manufacturing and distribution this month.

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Cisco-Eagle Awards Top Vendor Partners

September 30, 2022

Cisco-Eagle's 2021-2022 Top Vendor partners of the Year.

Cisco-Eagle has  awarded its top vendor partners for our most recent fiscal year. The awards are made to our top five vendor partners by sales volume and were delivered to each company at their headquarters. Since we approach business as a partnership, we wanted to recognize these elite providers for their outstanding performance and their contributions Cisco-Eagle and its customers.

Cisco-Eagle’s top 2021-2022 vendor partners

  1. Steel King Industries
  2. Hytrol Conveyors
  3. Atlantis Conveyor
  4. AAA Fabrication
  5. IKG

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Pallet Rack Evaluation: Safety

September 27, 2022

Pallet rack being evaluated.

Pallet racks are integral to modern warehousing and aren’t static systems. Safety has always been one of the most critical aspects of warehousing and pallet racks have an outsized influence on warehouse safety. When you evaluate your rack, always take time to look for safety issues.

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