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A Guide to Measuring Your Facility

August 2, 2018

layout of an industrial building

We measure many facilities on-site, but there are times our customers either want to or need to measure their own buildings. Here is a quick guide to measuring for conveyors, racks and other material handling equipment.

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Factors for Industrial Facility Size & Layout

November 13, 2014



Facility layout is a complex and sometimes maddening process. You are often limited by budget, space, time, or schedule beyond your control. What factors should you consider when you allocate space, either in a new facility or a redesigned one?

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How to Measure and Improve Industrial Storage Space Efficiency

August 18, 2014

Warehouse racks in a layout

All too often, companies struggle because the size of their warehouse is considered in the planning stage, but not the efficient use of that space.

A facility is purchased or leased with the desired set of characteristics, and then work begins. There are significant opportunities in many operations to size up the business mix, order trends, product slotting and facility layout in a way that helps improve everything from storage density to pick rates to error rates to labor costs. But first we must know the total storage potential of the facility, and work backwards from there.

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Avoid These Common Warehouse Layout Mistakes

May 10, 2014

diagram of rows of pallet racks in a warehouse

It’s not easy to understand when facility layout is causing significant problems for an operation.

The way the warehouse is planned and laid out can affect everything in a warehouse or distribution facility. You may be suffering from over-forecasted demand for product and under-forecasted need for square footage. Executives may not fully understand what it takes to receive, store and ship orders. What are some of the more common problems when it comes to facility layout?

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