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RWM Casters Specs, Literature

RWM LogoBrochures, flyers, and assembly instructions for RWM industrial duty casters & wheels

RWM Casters manufactures heavy duty industrial casters, caster wheels, kingpinless casters, assembly line casters, and other material handling products.

When RWM invented the original Kingpinless™ caster, it became the most emulated caster in the industry. For demanding, heavy-duty, stressful industrial caster and wheel applications, there is still no better caster on the market.

RWM Casters & Wheel Documents/Literature

icon Caster Brake Styles Chart Brake-Chart.pdf 46 KB
icon Cart Wheel Mounting Patterns Cart-Wheel-Patterns.pdf 179 KB
icon RWM Caster Series Descriptions Caster-Descriptions.pdf 642 KB
icon Generic Caster Drawing Caster-Drawing-Generic.pdf 478 KB
icon Replacement Parts & Components Caster-Replacement-Parts.pdf 50 KB
icon Full RWM Caster Catalog RWM-Casters-Catalog-2010.pdf 17949 KB
icon Kingpinless Casters Specifications RWM_Kingpinless.pdf 767 KB
icon Tapered Bearing Adjustment Tapered-Bearing-Adjustment.pdf 94 KB
icon Top Plate Options Top-Plate-Options.pdf 128 KB
icon Wheel Hardness Comparison Wheel-Comparison.pdf 570 KB
icon Wheel Materials Descriptions Wheel-Descriptions.pdf 440 KB
icon Wheel Application Matrix Wheel-Selection-Chart.pdf 44 KB
icon Wheel/Bearing Selection Wheels-Bearing-Selection.pdf 172 KB