Spanco Cranes: Documents, Specs

Jib cranes, gantry cranes, tripod and bridge cranes: documents, specs, installation, maintenance manuals, and more

Spanco produces jib cranes, gantry cranes, workstation bridge cranes, monorail systems, and more for the lifting and manipulation of heavy components in manufacturing, shipping, and warehousing applications. Spanco has decades of experience in manufacturing high quality, reliable crane systems for every industry.

Spanco Gantry Cranes

icon Gantry Cranes Full Catalog Gantry-Cranes-Full-Cat.pdf 11441 KB
icon A-Series Aluminum Gantry Cranes Manual Manual-A-Aluminum-Gantry.pdf 667 KB
icon A-Series Steel Gantry Cranes Manual Manual-A-Steel-Gantry.pdf 2641 KB
icon E-Series Gantry Cranes Manual Manual-E-Gantry.pdf 326 KB
icon PF Series Gantry Cranes Manual Manual-PF-Gantry-Cranes.pdf 363 KB
icon T-Series 3-Way Adj. Gantry Cranes Manual Manual-T-Series.pdf 4504 KB
icon Tripod Cranes Manual Manual-Tripod-Cranes.pdf 3150 KB
icon A-Series 1-3 Ton Gantry Cranes Specs Specs-A-Steel-1_3_ton.pdf 608 KB
icon A-Series 5-10 Ton Gantry Cranes Specs Specs-A-Steel-5_10_ton.pdf 533 KB
icon A-Series Steel Fixed Gantry Crane Specs Specs-A-Steel-Fixed_1_10_ton.pdf 510 KB
icon E-Series Steel Adjustable Gantry, 1-3 ton Specs Specs-E-SteelAdj_1_3_ton.pdf 227 KB
icon E-Series Steel Fixed Gantry, 1-5 ton Specs Specs-E-Steel_fxd_1_5_ton.pdf 161 KB
icon A-Series Aluminum Gantry Cranes Specs Specs-Gantry_A_Series_Aluminum.pdf 468 KB
icon PF-Series Gantry Cranes, 12-15 ton Specs Specs-PF-12_15_ton.pdf 553 KB
icon PF-Series Gantry Cranes, 1-2 ton Specs Specs-PF-1_2_ton.pdf 456 KB
icon PF-Series Gantry Cranes, 3-5 ton Specs Specs-PF-3_5_ton.pdf 470 KB
icon T-Series Gantry Cranes, 1-2 ton Specs Specs-T-1_2_ton.pdf 521 KB
icon T-Series Gantry Cranes, 3-5 ton Specs Specs-T-3_5_ton.pdf 525 KB
icon T-Series Gantry Cranes, 8-10 Ton Specs Specs-T-8_10_ton.pdf 453 KB
icon T-Series Aluminum Gantry Crane Specs Specs-T-aluminum_ibeam.pdf 329 KB

Spanco Jib Cranes

icon Alu-Track Brochure Brochure-Alu-track.pdf 360 KB
icon Articulating Jib Cranes Brochure Brochure-Articulating-Jib-Cranes.pdf 1408 KB
icon Retrofit Jib Drive Brochure Brochure-Retrofit-Jib-Drive.pdf 1576 KB
icon Jib Cranes Catalog Brochure-Spanco-Jib-Crane.pdf 905 KB
icon Ceiling Mounted Jib Crane Manual Install-Ceiling-Mounted_Wrkstn_Bridge.pdf 5385 KB
icon Freestanding Jib Cranes Manual Install-Freestanding-Jib-FR_WJ.pdf 840 KB
icon Models 100, 101,102 Jib Cranes Manual Install-Jib-103_0005_100_101_102.pdf 2408 KB
icon Models 200 and 201Jib Cranes Manual Install-Jib-200_201.pdf 291 KB
icon Model 301 Jib Cranes Manual Install-Jib-301.pdf 1158 KB
icon Lindapter Installation Install-Lindapter.pdf 1499 KB
icon (WC) Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes Manual Install-WC_Wall-Jib-Cranes.pdf 659 KB
icon (WJ) Wall Mounted Jib Cranes Manual Install-Wall-Jib-WJ.pdf 471 KB
icon Model 300 Jib Cranes Manual Manual-Jib-300.pdf 1625 KB
icon Lindapter Specifications Specs-Lindapter.pdf 1191 KB

Spanco Bridge (Overhead) Cranes

icon Beam Boss Brochure Brochure-BeamBoss.pdf 1679 KB
icon Bridge Crane Brochure Brochure-Bridge-Crane-Stations.pdf 1145 KB
icon Bridge Cranes - Full Catalog Catalog-Bridge-Cranes.pdf 2641 KB
icon Beam Boss Install/Maintenance Manual Install-BeamBoss-BB_BT.pdf 1175 KB
icon Freestanding Bridge Crane Manual Install-Freestanding-Bridge.pdf 3761 KB