Decade Products Literature

Pallet and container solutions

Bulk materials handling requires durable containers and pallets that stand up to a lot of abuse, high impact, and continuous use. Decade Products' BulkBins, KitBins, and Box Pallets do just that with integrated pallet runners, sturdy polyethylene constructions and USDA/HACCP approved materials. Rugged export pallets, smooth solid deck pallets, rackable pallets, and heavy-duty pallets answer your every palleting need and are recyclable when worn out.

General Brochures

icon General Catalog Product_Line_Overview.pdf 1371 KB
icon Crates & Totes Brochures Crates-Totes.pdf 3446 KB

BulkBin Literature

icon 40" BulkBin Meat Flyer macx_meat.pdf 204 KB
icon 40" BulkBin Industrial Flyer macx_industrial.pdf 147 KB
icon 40" BulkBin Agricultural Flyer macx_ag.pdf 174 KB
icon 40" BulkBin Onions Flyer MACX_ONION.pdf 269 KB
icon 48" BulkBin Onions Flyer MACX48-Onions.pdf 2244 KB
icon 48" BulkBin Apples Flyer MACX48-Apples.pdf 2095 KB
icon 48" BulkBin Agricultural Flyer MACX48-Agriculture.pdf 2512 KB
icon Half-Bin Flyer MACX-Shortened.pdf 2738 KB
icon BulkBin Material Safety Data Sheet MACX-MSDS.pdf 71 KB
icon Letter of FDA Approval MACX-FDA-Letter.pdf 110 KB

KitBin Literature

icon Tall KitBin Flyer kitbin_xt.pdf 98 KB
icon KitBin Industrial Brochure kitbin_industrial.pdf 306 KB
icon KitBin Agricultural Brochure kitbin_ag.pdf 952 KB
icon KitBin Brochure KitBin-Brochure.pdf 2123 KB

Box Pallet Literature

icon 32" Box Pallet Brochure Type-800-Bin-Brochure.pdf 1225 KB
icon 44" Box Pallet Brochure Type-1120-Bin-Brochure.pdf 1299 KB
icon 40" Box Pallet Brochure Type-1000-Bin-Brochure.pdf 1254 KB

Poly Pallet Literature

icon Heavy-Duty Pallets Heavy_Duty_40X48_Pallet.pdf 4346 KB
icon One-Way Export Pallets Nestable_One_Way.pdf 246 KB
icon Pallet Product Overview Pallet_Line_Overview.pdf 812 KB
icon Picture Frame Rack Pallets PictureFrame_Pallet.pdf 471 KB
icon Solid Deck Pallets SmoothDeck_pallet.pdf 173 KB

Case Studies

icon Case Study: Vented KitBins & Produce CS-produce.pdf 210 KB
icon Case Study: Box Pallets & Pre-Form CS-pre-form.pdf 430 KB
icon Case Study: KitBins & Pharmaceuticals CS-pharm.pdf 133 KB
icon Case Study: BulkBins & Vidalia Onions CS-onions.pdf 100 KB
icon Case Study: KitBins XT & Auto Parts CS-auto.pdf 158 KB