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Make mobility your efficiency solution with powered work stations

Making processes and functions mobile is the way to reduce labor cost, increase efficiency and save on processing time. By taking the work station to the task, workers save steps, increase accuracy and reduce the time it takes to process products for shipping & receiving, inventory management, cycle counting, order picking, on-demand label printing and asset tracking. Additionally, with a wireless network in place, accessing the warehouse management system and enterprise resource system, and automated data collection can be done from anywhere in the facility.

Using a durable metal cart as the foundation, these work stations come equipped with power packs capable of powering computers, monitors, printers and other electrical equipment for up to 8 hrs. Getting the data to the job is no longer an issue - these carts allow you to take the database with you so you can link into WMS and ERP systems, print stock labels, manage assets in the warehouse and stock shelves on the fly.

Newcastle Systems Brochures & Product Sheets

icon NB-Series Accessory Sheet Accessories_NBSeries.pdf 125 KB
icon PC Series Accessory Sheet Accessories_PCSeries.pdf 131 KB
icon RC Series Accessory Sheet Accessories_RCSeries.pdf 142 KB
icon Keyboard Tray Assembly KeyboardTrayAssembly.pdf 369 KB
icon Powered Work Station Overview MobilePoweredWorkstationPresentation.pdf 829 KB
icon Ross Stores Case Study NBSeries-ApplicationNote_RossStores.pdf 677 KB
icon Care-A-Lot Testimonial NBSeries-Carealot_Testimonial.pdf 116 KB
icon Hol-Mac Testimonial NBSeries-Hol-MacTestimonial.pdf 73 KB
icon Application Testimonial NBSeries-MRO_testimonial.pdf 92 KB
icon Schwarz Testimonial NBSeries-Schwarz_Testimonial.pdf 97 KB
icon NB Series Brochure NBSeriesWorkstations.pdf 226 KB
icon NB Series Assembly Manual NBSeries_Assembly.pdf 840 KB
icon Product Overview NewcastleProductOverview2011.pdf 509 KB
icon Optimize Your Wireless Facility OptimizeYourWirelessFacility_NewcastleSystems.pdf 303 KB
icon Amazon Case Study PCSeries-ApplicationNote_Amazon.pdf 917 KB
icon Steris Case Study PCSeries-ApplicationNote_Steris.pdf 183 KB
icon Danby-Magneti Testimonial PCSeries-Danby_Magneti_Testimonial.pdf 68 KB
icon PC Series Brochure PCSeriesWorkstations.pdf 172 KB
icon PC Series Assembly Manual PCSeries_Assembly.pdf 557 KB
icon PP Series Assembly Manual PPSeriesAssemblyManuals.pdf 452 KB
icon PP Series Power Packs PPSeriesPowerPackages.pdf 863 KB
icon Power Pack Case Study PPStand-Alone-ApplicationNote_MobileWeighandprint.pdf 882 KB
icon RC Series Brochure RCSeriesWorkstations.pdf 177 KB
icon RC Series Assembly Manual RCSeries_Assembly.pdf 812 KB
icon Power Swap Data power-swap-data.pdf 1408 KB
icon Power Pack Data Sheet powerpack_datasheet.pdf 650 KB
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