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Penco Products: Specs, Drawings, Catalogs

Information, drawings, specs for Penco Lockers, Shelving, Workbenches & More

Penco logoPenco manufactures storage products and material handling solutions, including lockers, shelving, and shop equipment. Cisco-Eagle inventories Penco Rivet Rite shelving, Penco Clipper Steel Shelving, and Shop Equipment. Penco's equipment is found in industrial, service, governmental and institutional operations. Shelving, ranging from a few units to multi-level installations, is often installed in warehouse or manufacturing applications. Penco Lockers are widely used in educational facilities, fitness centers, health care, commercial and industrial locations.

Penco Assembly Instructions

icon EZ Bilt Cabinets Assembly Cabinet-Assembly.pdf 1445 KB
icon Inventory Carts Assembly Cart-Inventory_Assembly.pdf 355 KB
icon KD Lockers Assembly Locker-Assembly-KD.pdf 1195 KB
icon 2-Person Lockers Assembly Lockers-2-Person.pdf 103 KB
icon Welded Locker Anchor Bracket Assembly Lockers-AnchorBracket.pdf 225 KB
icon K.D. Defiant II Locker Assembly Lockers-Defiant-KD-Assembly.pdf 1145 KB
icon Invincible 2 Lockers End Kit Assembly Lockers-Invincible2.pdf 169 KB
icon Packing House Locker Assembly Lockers-PackingHouse.pdf 504 KB
icon K.D. Stadium Lockers Assembly Lockers-Stadium-KD-Assembly.pdf 608 KB
icon Single Tier Vanguard Lockers Assembly Lockers-Vanguard-1Tier.pdf 307 KB
icon Lockers with Z-Base Assembly Lockers-Z-Base.pdf 38 KB
icon Double Row Locker Assembly Lockers-double-row.pdf 110 KB
icon Single Row Lockers Assembly Lockers-single-row.pdf 159 KB
icon Patriot Turnout Lockers Assembly Patriot-TurnoutGear-Assembly.pdf 2936 KB
icon Patriot Duty Lockers Assembly PatriotDuty-Locker-Assembly.pdf 1524 KB
icon Rivet Rite Shelving Assembly RivetRiteInstructions26.pdf 1086 KB
icon Rivet Shelves Install (Cisco-Eagle Version) RivetShelvingAssembly-CEI.pdf 321 KB
icon Service Carts Assembly Service-Cart-Assembly.pdf 165 KB
icon Metal Storage Shed Assembly Shed-Assembly.pdf 1127 KB
icon Clipper Steel Shelving Assembly Shelving-Clip-Assembly.pdf 267 KB
icon Wide Span Shelving Assembly WideSpan-Shelving-Assembly.pdf 368 KB
icon Modular Workbench Assembly WorkBench-Mod-Assembly.pdf 297 KB
icon Workbench Drawers Assembly Workbench-Drawers-Assembly.pdf 242 KB
icon Open Workbench Assembly Workbench-Open-Assembly.pdf 353 KB

Penco Catalogs & Brochures

icon Penco Standard Colors Table Color-Chart.pdf 973 KB
icon Penco Lockers Catalog Lockers-Catalog.pdf 8224 KB
icon Penco Patriot Lockers Brochure Lockers-Patriot-Brochure.pdf 5058 KB
icon Penco Smart Lockers Brochure Lockers-SmartLocker-Brochure.pdf 346 KB
icon Penco Storage Guide Penco-Storage-Guide.pdf 1568 KB
icon Steel Outdoor Storage Shed Brochure Shed-EZLoad.pdf 310 KB
icon Rivet Rite Shelving Brochure Shelving-Rivet-Brochure.pdf 535 KB
icon Rivet Rite Shelving Catalog Shelving-Rivet-Catalog.pdf 4478 KB

Penco Locker Drawings

icon Single Tier Locker - Exploded View Locker-1T-exploded.pdf 38 KB
icon Bench Pedestals Drawing Lockers-Pedestal-Benches.pdf 44 KB
icon Vanguard Locker 16-Person Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-16Person.pdf 85 KB
icon 2-Person Vanguard Locker Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-2PDuplex.pdf 288 KB
icon Vanguard Double Tier Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-2Tier.pdf 194 KB
icon Vanguard 3-Tier Locker Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-3Tier.pdf 114 KB
icon 48" Vanguard Single Tier Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-48-1T.pdf 102 KB
icon 60"H Vanguard Single Tier Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-60-1T.pdf 192 KB
icon 72"H Vanguard Single Tier Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-72-1T.pdf 205 KB
icon Vanguard Box Locker Drawing Lockers-Vanguard-Box.pdf 248 KB
icon 36"H Vanguard Locker Drawing Lockers-Vanguard36-Box.pdf 58 KB

Penco Locker Specifications

icon Locker Color Chart LockerColorChart.pdf 98 KB
icon All-Welded Locker Specs Specs-All-Welded.doc 166 KB
icon Angle Iron Frame Locker Specs Specs-AngleIron.doc 167 KB
icon Guardian Locker Specs Specs-Guardian.doc 171 KB
icon Patriot Duty Locker - Welded Specs Specs-Patriot-Duty-Welded.doc 158 KB
icon Patriot Duty Lockers - K.D. Specs Specs-Patriot-DutyKD.doc 165 KB
icon Patriot Gear Lockers - K.D. Specs Specs-Patriot-Gear-KD.doc 158 KB
icon Patriot Gear Lockers - Welded Specs Specs-Patriot-Gear-Welded.doc 160 KB
icon Patriot Turnout Locker - Welded Specs Specs-Patriot-Turnout-Welded.doc 39 KB
icon Patriot Turnout Locker - K.D. Specs Specs-Patriot-TurnoutKD.doc 153 KB
icon Smart Locker Specs Specs-SmartLocker.doc 160 KB
icon Stadium Lockers - K.D. Specs Specs-Stadium-Locker-KD.doc 151 KB
icon Stadium Lockers - Welded Specs Specs-StadiumLocker-Welded.doc 150 KB
icon Vanguard Lockers - Specifications Specs-Vanguard-Lockers.doc 166 KB