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Manage inventory better with arms that help control spills, falls, and rolling

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Cantilever rack from Cisco-Eagle comes in many capacity ratings and styles. Some models have straight arms while others have inclined arms, each designed to better manage different materials. Straight armed cantilever handle square stock well by providing a horizontal surface for the goods to be stacked on. Inclined arms better handle round stock like rod, conduit and metal tubing by letting gravity pull the stock toward the rack uprights, thereby preventing it from rolling off or spilling off the arms.

Pick the style and capacity you need

Capacities vary from 250 lbs. per arm to a total capacity well over 75,000 lbs. for a double column rack. We also have rack for smaller, shorter stock in vertical storage, horizontal grid rack and A-frame cantilever rack, each suitable for different storage styles.

Cantilever rack can be installed as stand-alone units or set side-by-side to create rows of cantilever storage by using starters and adders. When double column cantilever rack is selected, you create a double sided rack with storage arms on both front and back of the support columns.

Types of cantilever offered:

Bar & Pipe Storage

Extra-light Duty (250 lbs./arm)

Light Duty (500 lbs./arm)

Medium Duty (700-1000 lbs./arm)

Heavy Duty (up to 870 lbs./arm)

Extra-Heavy Duty (1300-2000 lbs./arm)

I-Beam Rack (up to 60,000 lbs./rack)

Series 60 Heavy Duty (over 75,000 lbs./rack)

Furniture Rack

Cisco-Eagle helps you know which rack you need. Give us a call today.

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