Presto Lift Documents, Specs

Installation, Operations, and Maintenance Manuals for Scissor Lifts, Stackers, Skid Lifts, and More

Presto designs and manufactures Stackers, Scissor Lift Tables, Container Tilters, Palletizers, Hand Pallet Trucks, Post Lift Tables and other lifting equipment that improves safety and in-plant ergonomics.

Presto Lifts full line catalog

icon Presto Lifts Full Line Catalog Presto-Catalog.pdf 2919 KB

Presto Lifts operation, installation, and maintenance manuals

icon Floor Level Loader Manual Level-Loader-P4.pdf 877 KB
icon Lift Stik Manual Lift-Stik-PL-Series.pdf 1142 KB
icon Lift Table, Hydraulic (PL, RL) Manual Lift-Table-PL-RL.pdf 365 KB
icon Lift Tables, 2 & 4 Post (P, BP) Manual Lift-Table-p18_12_bp18_12.pdf 389 KB
icon Floor Level Lifts, Tilts Manual Lifts-Tilters-xz_xzt_tz.pdf 780 KB
icon Pallet Positioner, AL-30 Manual Pallet-Positiner-AL30.pdf 702 KB
icon Pallet Positioner, P3 Manual Pallet-Positioner-P3.pdf 425 KB
icon Pallet Trucks (HP Series) Manual Pallet-Truck-HPT50-HPT-55.pdf 2269 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, AX , AXR, AXS, AXT & AT Scissor-Lifts-AX-AR-AXR-AXT-AT.pdf 517 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, DBP Manual Scissor-Lifts-DBP.pdf 506 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, PT & PTS Series Scissor-Lifts-PT-PTS.pdf 348 KB
icon Scissor Lifts w/ Tilt, XL, X3W & X4W Scissor-Lifts-Tilt-X-Series.pdf 764 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, Foot Operated XF, XP Scissor-Lifts-XF-XP-Foot-Pump.pdf 552 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, XP24-3 & XP24-6 Scissor-Lifts-XP-Series.pdf 307 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, XBP & WBP Series Scissor-Lifts-xbp_wbp.pdf 635 KB
icon Scissor Lifts, XS, DXS & WXS Series Scissor-Lifts-xs-dxs-wxs.pdf 565 KB
icon Skid Lifts, Electric, PSL Series Skid-Lift-Electric-PSL.pdf 589 KB
icon Tilt Tables, TT & WT Series Tilt-Tables-TT-WT.pdf 542 KB
icon Container Tilters, SRT-20 & SRT-40 Tilters-SRT-Series.pdf 693 KB

Presto Stackers manuals

icon Stackers, AC&DC - B,D,E, & P Series AC-DC-Stackers.pdf 920 KB
icon Counterbalance Stacker, Model PPS1100-62-CB Counterbalance-Stackers.pdf 667 KB
icon Counterweight Stackers, C62A & C74A Counterweight-Stackers.pdf 323 KB
icon Crank Stacker, Regal MV Series Crank-Stacker-Regal-MVS.pdf 427 KB
icon Stackers, Foot Op., M100,M200,M300 & M400 Foot-Operated-M100-M400.pdf 564 KB
icon Hand Operated Lifts, RMSS1000 Hand-Operated-RMSS1000.pdf 249 KB
icon Hand Operated Stackers, M800 Hand-Stackers-M800.pdf 678 KB
icon Power Stak, PPS2200-101AS Powerstak-PPS2200-101AS.pdf 2286 KB
icon Powerstak, PPS2200-62-NAS Powerstak-PPS2200-62-NAS.pdf 1991 KB
icon Powerstak, PPS2200-62NFO Powerstak-PPS2200-62NFO.pdf 1862 KB
icon WP & WPS Series Work Positioners Work-Positioners-WP-WPS.pdf 449 KB
icon PowerStak Lite, PPS1500-62NAS powerstak_lite_nas.pdf 975 KB
icon PowerStak Lite, NFO Series powerstak_lite_nfo.pdf 979 KB
icon Power Stak, PPS2200-125AS powerstak_pps2200_125as.pdf 2273 KB
icon Power Stak, PPS2200-150AS powerstak_pps2200_150as.pdf 1080 KB
icon Power Stak, PPS3000-125FS powerstak_pps3000_125.pdf 2137 KB