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Secure storage protects against theft and tampered goods, improves profits and gives you peace of mind

Theft and tampering has become a multi-billion dollar problem for warehousing, distribution centers, manufacturers and commercial facilities. That's why Cisco-Eagle works so hard to provide a wide-range of security products from simple wire partitions to pallet rack enclosures and driver dock cages. We understand where the opportunities for theft and tampering occur and are committed to helping you secure your valuable assets.

Look into our security cages systems, gates, and many other solutions today:

  • Wire Security Cages & Partitions

    Sturdy walk-in wire cages help secure goods against theft and tampering. We can supply the cage size and configuration you need - just give us a call
  • Chrome Wire & Mobile Wire Cages

    Whether wheeled or stationary, wire mesh security cages help keep high dollar goods safe from theft and tampering while allowing inventory counts and visual inspection
  • Folding Gates

    Add folding gates where there's a concern for break-in's and to secure corridors, dock doors and other locations against access
  • Mesh Construction Secure Trucks

    Mobile wire mesh trucks allow you to move high value inventory quickly and easily for pick and assembly operations. Great for retail storage as well
  • Pallet Rack Enclosures & Security Cages

    Wire mesh rack enclosures secure high value inventory against theft and unauthorized access
  • Pallet Rack with Security Cages

    Order your pallet rack with security partitions already included to keep inventory safe from theft
  • Bolt-on Window Security Panels

    Make windows more secure against break-ins with wire mesh panels that bolt flush to the window frame preventing the use of pry bars to dislodge the security panel
  • Wire Mesh Bulk Lockers

    Wire mesh bulk lockers are a great way to secure employee gear, equipment and more. Use for industrial, tenant, military and athletic applications
  • Industrial Security Tips & Information

    Security tips, ideas and info to aid you in securing inventory and other business assets
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