Bluff Manufacturing Documents

Documents, manuals and brochures for dockboards, dockplates, yard ramps, and more

Bluff LogoBluff is a high-quality manufacturer of dock, warehouse, and safety equipment, including yard ramps and dock boards. All Dock Boards and Plates Meet or exceed ANSI Standards.

Bluff is a major player in the dock equipment industry, producing high quality loading dock boards and plates, as well as yard ramps and other equipment to help make docks safer, easier to work in, and more efficient.

Bluff Mfg. brochures, including spec drawings (in most cases)

icon Bluff Returns Policies Bluff-Return-RGA-Terms.pdf 117 KB
icon Standard Bluff Warranty Bluff-Warranty.pdf 118 KB
icon Safety Equipment Brochure Brochure-Safety.pdf 4990 KB
icon Dockboard, Truck All Welded DocBoard-Truck-Welded.pdf 515 KB
icon Dockboards, AC-BC Aluminum DockBoard-Aluminum-AC-BC.pdf 395 KB
icon Dock Plates, Aluminum AB DockPlate-Aluminum-AB.pdf 451 KB
icon Dockboard - "Speedy" Dockboard-Speedy.pdf 451 KB
icon Dockboard, Steel, Red Pin Dockboard-Steel-Red-Pin.pdf 456 KB
icon Dockboard, Steel, SC Dockboard-Steel-SC.pdf 258 KB
icon Dockboard, Steel, T Dockboard-Steel-T.pdf 500 KB
icon Dockplate, Aluminum, Springloaded Dockplate-Aluminum-Springload.pdf 1930 KB
icon Edge of Dock Leveler Edge-Dock-Leveler-EP.pdf 707 KB
icon Steel Loading Platform (Railcar) Platform-Steel.pdf 401 KB
icon Rail Boards Rail-Board.pdf 547 KB
icon Ramp for Container Loading Ramp-Container.pdf 631 KB
icon Ramp, (Mini Yard Ramp) Ramp-Mini.pdf 495 KB
icon Ramp, Poly for Curbs Ramp-Poly-Curb.pdf 781 KB
icon Truck Wheel Risers Wheel-Risers.pdf 511 KB
icon Yard Ramps Yard-Ramps.pdf 547 KB

Bluff Mfg. assembly instructions, manuals, and more

icon EZ Roll Dockboard Manual DockBoard-EZroll-Install.pdf 229 KB
icon Selecting a Truck Dockaboard DockBoard-Truck-Selection.pdf 1011 KB
icon Edge of Dock Leveler Manual Leveler-EdgeofDock-Manual.pdf 6670 KB
icon Lo Dock Leveler Manual Leveler-LoDock-Manual.pdf 536 KB
icon Unloading a Mini Ramp Ramp-Mini-Unloading.pdf 173 KB
icon Wheel Riser Operation Instructions Wheel-Riser-Instructions.pdf 155 KB
icon How to Offload a Yard Ramp YardRamp-Offload-Instructions.pdf 1155 KB
icon Yard Ramp Owner's Manual YardRamp-OwnerManual.pdf 836 KB