Western Pacific Storage Equipment

Specs, Assembly Instructions, & Catalogs for Western Pacific Shelving, Flow Rack, Workbenches

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Western Pacific Storage Solutions makes premium quality shelving, flow racks, and more. With multiple manufacturing and distribution centers, it can serve your needs with Deluxe and Pacific steel shelving, RiveTier (the original rivet shelving), QuikPik flow racks, and more. Contact Cisco-Eagle for assistance with any Western Pacific equipment need.

RiveTier Documents, Assembly Instructions

icon RiveTier Shelving Catalog Catalog-RiveTier.pdf 3246 KB
icon RiveTier Low Profile Assembly - Single Unit rivI_ass_lp.pdf 218 KB
icon Long Span Shelving Assembly rivI_ass_ls.pdf 195 KB
icon Record Archive Shelving Assembly rivI_ass_ras.pdf 219 KB
icon RiveTier - 1Tire Rack Assembly rivI_ass_tr.pdf 162 KB
icon RiveTier Battery Rack Assembly riv_ass_br.pdf 282 KB
icon Low Profile Assembly - Starters/Adders riv_ass_lps_sa_units.pdf 167 KB
icon Long Span Shelving Starter/Adder Assembly riv_ass_lss_sau.pdf 87 KB
icon Long Span - Single Unit Assembly riv_ass_lss_su.pdf 81 KB
icon Records Storage Shelving Assembly riv_ass_ofrs.pdf 181 KB
icon Record Archive Shelving Assembly riv_ass_ras.pdf 394 KB
icon Tire Rack Assembly riv_ass_tr.pdf 89 KB
icon RiveTier Workbench Assembly riv_ass_wb.pdf 246 KB
icon RiveTier Workstation Assembly riv_ass_ws.pdf 364 KB
icon Z-Beam Rivet Shelving Assembly riv_ass_zbs.pdf 414 KB

Steel Shelving Documents, Assembly Instructions

icon "Deluxe" Shelving Catalog Catalog-Deluxe-Shelving.pdf 1507 KB
icon "Pacific" Shelving Catalog Catalog-Pacific-Shelving.pdf 1473 KB
icon Deluxe Shelving (Closed) Assembly del_ass_ca.pdf 764 KB
icon Deluxe Shelving (Open) Assembly del_ass_ou.pdf 536 KB
icon Pacific Shelving Component Assembly pac_ass_ca.pdf 125 KB
icon Pacific Shelving (Closed) Assembly pac_ass_cu.pdf 115 KB
icon Pacific Shelving (Open) Assembly pac_ass_ou.pdf 115 KB
icon Pacific Workbench Assembly pac_ass_wb.pdf 100 KB

QuikPik Flow Rack Documents

icon KD Shelf Assembly QP_ass_kd.pdf 714 KB
icon Stock KD Shelf Assembly QP_ass_skd.pdf 113 KB
icon Standard Carton Flow Rack Assembly QP_ass_std.pdf 465 KB
icon WideSpan Shelf Assembly QP_ass_ws.pdf 456 KB
icon QuikPik Flow Rack Catalog productQuikPik.pdf 2581 KB