PFlow Lifts/VRC Docmuments

Vertical Lifts and Vertical Conveyor Product Sheets, Specifications, and Operations Manuals

PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors provide fast, efficient, convenient and safe access for moving items to or from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings. Pflow is the industry's innovation leaders, offering a comprehensive line of VRCs from mechanical to hydraulic to fully automatic systems for automated manufacturing and warehousing operations.

PFlow Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor Product Sheets

icon Series D Vertical Lifts Brochure-Series-D.pdf 315 KB
icon Series DB Vertical Lifts Brochure-Series-DB.pdf 353 KB
icon Series F Vertical Lifts Brochure-Series-F.pdf 407 KB
icon Series M Vertical Lifts Brochure-Series-M.pdf 402 KB
icon VRC/Vertical Conveyor Guidelines VRC-guidelines.pdf 977 KB

Pflow Operations/Installation Manuals

CSI Specifications for PFlow VRC's

icon Series 21 CSI Specifications Series21_CSIspec_Rev2006_NoDL_NoQC.doc 66 KB
icon Series 21 CSI Specifications (2) Series21_CSIspec_Rev2006_NoDL_wQC.doc 66 KB
icon Series 21 CSI Specifications (3) Series21_CSIspec_Rev2006_wDL.doc 75 KB
icon Series D CSI Specifications SeriesD_CSIspec_Rev2006_NoQC.doc 79 KB
icon Series D CSI Specificaitons SeriesD_CSIspec_Rev2006_wQC.doc 79 KB
icon Series M CSI Specifications SeriesM_CSIspec_Rev2006.doc 73 KB