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Steel King Pallet Racking Literature - Various Rack Types

icon Die Storage Racks Brochure Die-Racks-Brochure.pdf 1127 KB
icon Over-Dock-Door Rack Brochure OverDockRack-Brochure.pdf 1143 KB
icon Pallet Rack User's Manual PalletRackUserManual.pdf 194 KB
icon Pick Module Brochure Pick-Module-Brochure.pdf 1077 KB
icon Pallet Rack Configuration Drawings Rack-Configuration-Layouts.pdf 252 KB
icon Pallet Rack Design Guide RackDesignGuide.pdf 52 KB
icon Pallet Flow Rack Brochure SK-pallet-flow-brochure.pdf 680 KB
icon Pushback Rack Brochure SK3600_Pushback-Brochure.pdf 643 KB
icon Drive-In Rack Brochure Steel-King-drive-in-rack-brochure.pdf 349 KB

This literature features Steel King die storage racks, over-dock-racks, pick modules, pallet flow, pushback racks, and drive-in/drive-through racking.

Steel King SK 2000 Pallet Racks

icon Frontal Column Damage Resistance ColumnShapeFrontal.pdf 164 KB
icon Side Column Damage Resistance ColumnShapeSide.pdf 160 KB
icon Horizontal Brace Damage Resistance HeavyHorizontalBraces.pdf 160 KB
icon 3-Rivet Beam Damage Resistance RivetBeamTest.pdf 170 KB
icon Standard Color Chart SK2000-Colors.pdf 415 KB
icon RMI Certification Document SK2000-RMI_Certification.pdf 30 KB
icon SK2000 Rack Brochure SK2000_Product_Brochure.pdf 343 KB
icon Tubular vs. Open Back Rack sk2000_vs_open_back.pdf 58 KB
icon SK2000 Rack Beam Benefits sk2000beamsbenefits.pdf 4 KB
icon SK2000 Frame Benefits sk2000framebenefits.pdf 4 KB
icon SK2000 Pallet Rack Assembly Guide SK2000AssemblyGuide.pdf 781 KB

Steel King SK 3000 Structural Pallet Racks

icon Structural Rack Brochure sk3000-structural-rack-brochure.pdf 915 KB
icon Benefits of SK3000 Rack sk3000_benefits.pdf 167 KB
icon SK3000 Warranty sk3000_warranty.pdf 8 KB
icon SK3000 Assembly Guide SK3000AssemblyGuide.pdf 389 KB

Steel King SK 2500 Structural Pallet Racks

icon SK 2500 Structural Capacity Table SK2500-Capacities.pdf 1552 KB
icon SK2500 Rack Brochure SK2500_Web_brochure.pdf 1478 KB

Steel King Cantilever Racks

icon Accessories for Cantilever CantileverAccessories.pdf 86 KB
icon Cantilever Rack Design Guide CantileverDesignGuide.pdf 555 KB
icon Cantilever Rack Brochure Cantilever_Web.pdf 959 KB
icon Furniture Storage Cantilever FurnitureRack_Brochure.pdf 971 KB
icon I-Beam Cantilever Brochure I-BeamCantilever_Web.pdf 1205 KB
icon I-Beam Cantilever Assembly I-BeamCantileverAssemby.pdf 420 KB
icon Standard Cantilever Rack Assembly StdCantileverAssembly.pdf 508 KB

Steel King Guard Rails, Protective Equipment

icon ArmorGuard Rail Brochure ArmorGuard_Brochure.pdf 1319 KB
icon Guard Dawg Rack Protector Brochure GuardDawg_Brochure.pdf 101 KB
icon Mega-Guard Rail Brochure MegaGuard_Brochure.pdf 208 KB
icon Snap-Guard Brochure SnapGuard_Brochure.pdf 41 KB
icon Steel Guard Rail Brochure SteelGuard_Brochure.pdf 945 KB
icon Protective Products Brochure Protection_Products.pdf 315 KB
icon Steel Guard Rail Assembly GuardRailAssembly.pdf 316 KB
icon Steel Guard Post Dimensions Guard-Rail-Dimensions.pdf 236 KB

Steel King Steel Containers & Stacking Racks

icon Steel Containers Brochure Container_Brochure.pdf 740 KB
icon Drop Bottom Container Brochure DropBottom_container_brochure.pdf 39 KB
icon Pin Rack Brochure PinRackFlyer.pdf 61 KB
icon How to Design Portable Racks PortableRackDesign.pdf 173 KB