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Increasing air movement through specially designed fans

Patterson Fan builds high velocity and high volume low speed fans to fit the needs of your facility from moving air rapidly for quick cooling to destratifying air layers to keep temperatures even throughout the facility. Their high velocity fans come in a wide variety of styles and mounting options. The high volume low speeds fans move vast amounts of air gently through large spaces. Additionally, they offer dock & truck cooler fans, galvanized and stainless steel fans, and air distribution tubes.

High Velocity Fans

icon 10" High Velocity Fan 10in_w_Mounts_2010.pdf 1468 KB
icon 14" High Velocity Spec Sheet 14_inch.pdf 401 KB
icon 18" High Velocity Fan Spec Sheet 18_INCH.pdf 367 KB
icon 22" High Velocity Spec Sheet 22in_w_Mounts_2010.pdf 1472 KB
icon 26" High Velocity Fan Spec Sheet 26in_w_Mounts_2010.pdf 753 KB
icon 30" High Velocity Fan Spec Sheet 30in_w_Mounts_2010.pdf 1636 KB
icon 34" High Velocity Fan Spec Sheet 34-in_with_Mounts_2010.pdf 1054 KB
icon Column/Wall Mount Instructions CWO_new_bearing_09.pdf 67 KB
icon Column/Wall Mount Assembly CW_Assembly_Instructions2010.pdf 700 KB
icon Cage Fan Spec Sheet CageFanspecs.pdf 803 KB
icon High Velocity Fan Product Guide FanPlacementChart_2010.pdf 1125 KB
icon 14" Galvanized Spec Sheet Galvanized_14_INCH.pdf 648 KB
icon 18" Galvanized Spec Sheet Galvanized_18_INCH.pdf 555 KB
icon 22" Galvanized Spec Sheet Galvanized_22_INCH.pdf 532 KB
icon 26" Galvanized Spec Sheet Galvanized_26_INCH.pdf 544 KB
icon 30" Galvanized Spec Sheet Galvanized_30_INCH.pdf 597 KB
icon High Velocity Truck Cooler Spec Sheet HVTC_2009.pdf 223 KB
icon High Velocity Truck Cooler Instructions HVTC_Assembly_Instructions.pdf 2345 KB
icon Ceiling Suspended Fan Assembly HV_Assembly_Instructions2010.pdf 562 KB
icon Lubricant Material Safety Data Sheet MSDSDetailPage.pdf 107 KB
icon Oscillator Bearing Yoke Drawing OcillatorNEW07bearingyoke.pdf 73 KB
icon Portable High Velocity Fan Assembly PSAssemblyInstructions2010.pdf 639 KB
icon Distribution Tube Spec Sheet PT.pdf 218 KB
icon Distribution Tube Assembly PT_Assembly_Instructions.pdf 5788 KB
icon Patterson Fan User Manual Patterson_Fan_Manual_073008.pdf 1497 KB
icon Pedestal Base Spec Sheet PedestalBaseSpec.pdf 3871 KB
icon Shop Floor Fan Spec Sheet ShopFloorFanSpecs-mp.pdf 826 KB
icon 22" Stainless Steel Spec Sheet Stainless_22_INCH.pdf 447 KB
icon Standard Oscillator Assembly Standard_Oscillator_Assembly.pdf 55 KB
icon 18" Truck Cooler Fan Spec Sheet TC_18_with_Dock_Light_April_2008.pdf 400 KB
icon Truck Cooler Fan Assembly TC_Assembly_Instructions2010.pdf 638 KB

High Volume Low Speed Fans

icon HVLS Catalog High-5_Catalog_page.pdf 326 KB
icon HVLS Warranty High-5_Warranty.pdf 363 KB
icon 18' HVLS Spec Sheet High-5_Spec_Sheet_18.pdf 325 KB
icon 20' HVLS Spec Sheet High-5_Spec_Sheet_20.pdf 325 KB
icon 24' HVLS Spec Sheet High-5_Spec_Sheet_24.pdf 326 KB
icon HVLS Install Instructions High_5_Install_Instructions__parts_list.pdf 2096 KB
icon File Scanned at 11/25/14 12:43:39 High-5CatalogPage.pdf 326 KB