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Shoptalk: ZoneSafe Proximity Warning System

Reduce the risk of vehicle to pedestrian collisions with Zonesafe

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In this installment of Cisco-Eagle’s video series Shoptalk, Susan shows you how our Zonesafe Proximity Warning System works to detect pedestrians and warn forklift drivers when they are nearby, out of sight or in danger of collisions.

Susan, who has been with Cisco-Eagle’s safety division for over 5 years, has helped many customers find solutions to forklift/pedestrian problems within their facilities. If you have a difficult intersection, dangerous work cell or blind corner, Susan has probably seen a similar situation, and can help you resolve it.

Here, she demonstrates the features of the Zonesafe pedestrian proximity and warning system:

The unique thing about ZoneSafe is that it doesn’t rely on motion detection, and can work in areas where visibility is zero. In the video above, it works through a stocked rack aisle that would prevent the driver or the pedestrians from seeing each other — and it warned both parties of the potential accident.

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Look for more Shoptalk videos from Cisco-Eagle coming soon!

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