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Our 2020 Customer Satisfaction Ratings

A look inside what our customers say about Cisco-Eagle

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Every year, we summarize and publish the results of our ongoing customer satisfaction survey. The survey is short, but allows plenty of room for customer comments, complaints and compliments. 2020 is perhaps the most “different” year in my 31 years at Cisco-Eagle, but we have been blessed with great customers who have been willing to spend some of their valuable time providing feedback for us. This is the 2020 summary.

We believe in transparency. These results will not always be positive, but it’s important that you can trust what we say about our service and commitment to improve. We aren’t aware of any other company in our industry who releases this information.

The survey process

We have used the same survey and format consistently for many years. This gives the results consistency and helps us create processes to improve our performance. We constantly review the results and strive to improve; in a world where just about everyone surveys all the time, the entire point should be to improve, not to simply collect data. Recipients of Cisco-Eagle quotes and online orders receive the survey automatically, with some others sent manually.

The questions we ask

  1. Please rate Cisco-Eagle’s ability to handle your request/order in a timely & efficient manner. Four factors: Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement, Satisfactory, Very Satisfactory 
  2. How would you rate Cisco-Eagle’s pricing as compared to the competition? Four factors: Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement, Satisfactory, Very Satisfactory. Comments not enabled.
  3. Please rate Cisco-Eagle’s website overall. Four factors: Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement, Satisfactory, Very Satisfactory
  4. How likely are you to recommend Cisco-Eagle to others? Three factors: Not Likely, Undecided, Very Likely 
  5. How likely are you to purchase from Cisco-Eagle in the future? Three factors: Not Likely, Undecided, Very Likely 
  6. How can we improve your experience with Cisco-Eagle? This is a comment box.  

2020 performance

Question #1, order/request handling: 92% satisfied

We have focused hard on this question, as it’s the essence of good service. When customers ask for something, be it a quote or a simple question, or order from us, we want to be the most responsive company they deal with. In 2020, we were able to improve our order/request rating significantly. We saw a leap of +6% vs. 2019 and +3% vs. all-time.

Delivery was a problem for everyone in the material handling industry during 2020, with supply chains squeezed by Covid and shortages throughout the industry. Major manufacturing plants found themselves squeezed and unable to fill orders quickly during the pandemic. Lead times were extended for many products, and are still that way. Difficulties in manufacturing will extend into 2021. Our policy is to be open, early and transparent about these lead times.

This has always been the most difficult factor to improve because it involves multiple departments (sales, service, website, accounting) and processes. Making a leap of this magnitude means that during the most difficult year we have seen, with delays throughout the supply chain, our employee-owners have rallied to deliver exceptional service. 


  1. Negative: (32%). These comments were often to do with extended shipping times and responsiveness to issues.
  2. Positive: (57%). These comments frequently focused on design services, salesperson and responsiveness.
  3. Post-order: (15%). These comments were focused on the way we communicate after an order has been placed. They were mostly positive.
  4. Responsiveness: (53%). Speed, urgency and responsiveness are critical. We had a decline in the percentage of comments related to responsiveness in this survey with a large majority trending positive.
  5. Salesperson: (47%). Salespeople are the most critical aspect of customer service. Of these comments, almost all were positive about interactions with our sales and service employee-owners. 

“Everyone I spoke with was so kind and eager to please and most important – I felt important!”

value vs cost

Question #2, pricing: 89% satisfied

Prices are always an issue, and we try to provide the best value for our customers, and that usually doesn’t mean being the lowest-priced option. Customers rated us at 89% positive for this metric, which is 2% less than our all-time rating and equal to our 2019 rating. Prices increased for many of the types of equipment we provide in 2020 due to the supply chain squeeze for raw materials.

There were no comments about pricing in this survey.

Question #3, our website: 93% satisfied

The website had a 93% positive rating, which equaled last year’s rating but was down vs. the cumulative all-time rating of 95%.


  1. Positive: (52%)
  2. Negative: (29%) 
  3. Content: (22%). Content is the heart of any industrial B2B website. 
  4. Navigation: (56%). Most of what people think of as “usability” tends to be navigation.

We consider our website to be a customer service tool and work to make sure it is resource-rich and provides help for customers. Providing information, videos, downloads and other resources helps us to help our customers.

“I really appreciated being able to get a quote without having to talk with a salesperson first and setting up an account.”

Question #4, would you recommend us?: 88%

This rating remained the same as last year—88% positive—but fell short -3% vs. the all-time rating. Customers often tell us that they answer “no” because they aren’t allowed to recommend companies in their jobs. We frequently receive customer recommendations and referrals, and want to improve this rating. 

Question #5, how likely are you to purchase again?: 87%

We maintained the same 87% positive rating we achieved last year. All-time this question rates at 90%. This question is often commented that the customer has purchased something for a non-industrial application, and that they do not see themselves as a long term client.

“Our warehouse is pretty stocked on equipment for the time being but if we need to expand Cisco-Eagle will be the first place I shop.”

Live ratings & reviews

We engage with TrustSpot, which provides unbiased rating and review services, to let our customers rate us in real time. Every page of our website links to our TrustSpot page, which lets our customers provide us with feedback in real time through a simple 1-5 star rating system. This system for rating customer satisfaction is only provided to confirmed buyers.

Currently, our rating is 4.5/5 stars on nearly 300 reviews. We do not control reviews or how they appear in the TrustSpot system, so it’s very transparent, whether that customer rates us excellent or awful. As of this writing, of 299 reviews, 226 are five stars, while another 38 were four stars. We have received 15 total one-star review.

Read our TrustSpot ratings

Moving forward

As always, we integrate these results into our ongoing planning and customer satisfaction processes. We believe that customer satisfaction is a matter of culture, initiative, process and resources. You must have all three to deliver a great customer experience. Our employee-ownership culture helps us improve our service, as do the resources and processes we create around serving our clients.

We’re not perfect, we know, but we’re always trying to be better.

About Cisco-Eagle

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Cisco-Eagle provides solutions for the movement, storage, retrieval, control and protection of materials and products throughout manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal. Solutions involve the application of material handling equipment such as conveyors, carousels, rack, shelving, mezzanines and other important elements. More complex solutions may incorporate a higher level of controls, automation equipment and distributed intelligence. Cisco-Eagle’s exclusive AisleCop® forklift safety system is deployed for safety operations at scores of top companies nationwide. The company serves customers in all U.S. states and over 70 other countries.

Additionally, Cisco-Eagle offers its exclusive repair, service and maintenance department, which can execute emergency service, scheduled maintenance, plant reconfiguration and installation through our Field Services division in our areas of service.

We believe in partnership

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Scott Stone is Cisco-Eagle's Vice President of Marketing with more than thirty years of experience in material handling, warehousing and industrial operations. His work is published in multiple industry journals an websites on a variety of warehousing topics. He writes about automation, warehousing, safety, manufacturing and other areas of concern for industrial operations and those who operate them.

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