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If you manage or work in a manufacturing or warehousing operation, you’re aware of the dangers forklifts pose–particularly to pedestrians who work near them. Keeping pedestrians safe in busy operations is an ongoing process critical for any industrial facility. With that in mind, we’ve published a guide to forklift-pedestrian safety that highlights the factors, suggests solutions and presents information on this critical isssue.

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  • A step-by-step safety process – Get started protecting your people with this detailed forklift-pedestrian safety process map. Combine that with assessment factors, and you can easily apply these methods to increase awareness and prevention of deadly accidents.
  • The most dangerous areas – A review of critical forklift/pedestrian “danger” zones every operation should be aware of. Docks, aisles, limited visibility areas and intersections are the focus areas.
  • Improving visibility – Improving driver visibility is key to keeping pedestrians safe. Our guide highlights key ways clear obstructions and provides tools, technology and training to help drivers see clearly and keep pedestrians safe.
  • Systems & Equipment – To make sure your safety process works, our guide showcases multiple safety systems and equipment. From our AisleCop forklift safety system to forklift warning lights and collision sensors, each solution is there to ensure your pedestrians and forklifts work safer.

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