Morse Documents

Drum handling trucks specs, parts lists, and more

Morse is "The Specialist in Drum Handling Equipment."  The company manufactures 55-gallon (208 liter) drum handling solutions, such as hand drum trucks, mobile drum handlers,  forklift attachments. Many models are available in stainless steel. Morse  drum rotators provide a method of mixing ingredients right inside a drum.

Morse drum handling documents

icon Drum Karrier Specifications DrumKarrierSpecs.pdf 166 KB
icon Drum Karrier Parts DrumKarrierParts1.pdf 186 KB
icon Drum Dolly Specifications DrumDollySpecs.pdf 39 KB
icon Drum Dolly Parts List DrumDollyParts.pdf 45 KB
icon 2-Wheel Drum Truck Parts DrumTruckParts2wheel.pdf 22 KB
icon 4-Wheel Drum Truck Parts DrumTruckParts4wheel.pdf 53 KB
icon Drum Truck Specifications DrumTruckSpecs.pdf 136 KB
icon catalog.pdf 2721 KB

Morse drum handler documents

icon Model 287 Lost Load Specs f287-cg.pdf 58 KB
icon Drum Handlers DrumHandlers.pdf 437 KB
icon Model 287-2H Lost Load Specs f287-2h-cg.pdf 58 KB
icon Model 288-2 Lost Load Specs F288-2-cg.pdf 44 KB
icon Model 288-1 Lost Load Specs F288-1-cg.pdf 53 KB
icon Model 288 Two Head Lost Load Specs F288-1-2H-cg.pdf 199 KB

Morse drum carrier documents

icon Model 285HD Load Loss Specs f285hd-cg.pdf 28 KB
icon Model 285 Series Load Loss Specs f285-cg.pdf 26 KB
icon Model 285XGR Load Loss Specs F285XGR-CG.pdf 156 KB
icon Model 285XBP Load Loss Specs F285XBP-CG.pdf 751 KB
icon Model 285GR Load Loss Specs F285GR-CG.pdf 175 KB
icon Model 285A-BP Load Loss Specs F285A-BP-CG.pdf 366 KB
icon Models 28A & 285AM Drum Carrier Brochure DrumKarriers2.pdf 641 KB
icon Model 285A-GR Drum Carrier Flyer DrumKarriers.pdf 480 KB
icon 2,500 lb. Capacity Drum Carrier Flyer 2500DrumKarrier.pdf 512 KB
icon Heavy Duty Drum Carrier Brochure HDDrumKarriers.pdf 843 KB

Morse forklift attachment documents

icon Drum Diameter Adaptors Flyer DrumDiaAdaptors.pdf 336 KB
icon Drum Lifter Product Line DrumLifters.pdf 629 KB
icon Bracket Assembly Kit Instructions PL4556-Assembly.pdf 300 KB
icon Spark Resistant Bracket Assembly Instructions PL4556M-Assembly.pdf 465 KB
icon Stainless Steel Bracket Assembly Instructions PL4556SS-Assembly.pdf 490 KB
icon Rim Clamp Kit Assembly PL4560-Assembly.pdf 270 KB
icon Spark Resistant Rim Clamp Kit Assembly PL4560M-Assembly.pdf 269 KB
icon Stainless Steel Rim Clamp Kit Assembly PL4560SS-Assembly.pdf 269 KB
icon Battery Powered Tilt Drum Carrier Brochure PowerTiltKarriers.pdf 555 KB
icon Model 285A-GR Operator's Manual PL285A-GR.pdf 843 KB