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Rousseau Documents, Specs

Brochures, flyers, and assembly instructions for Rousseau metal equipment

Rousseau LogoRousseau designs, manufactures and markets modular drawers, dividable drawer cabinets, Spider industrial shelving, shelving with modular drawers, workstations, and modular storage racking for industrial and commercial use. Cisco-Eagle provides custom designed modular drawer systems from Rousseau to many industries and a broad range of applications.

Rousseau Catalog Sections

icon CNC Tool Storage CNC-Tool-Storage.pdf 2232 KB
icon Modular Cabinets, Heavy Duty Modular-Cabinet-HvyDuty.pdf 10354 KB
icon Modular Cabinets, Light Duty Modular-Cabinet-LtDuty.pdf 969 KB
icon Modular Cabinets, Mobile, Hvy Duty Modular-Cabinet-Mobile-Hvy.pdf 7411 KB
icon Modular Cabinets, Mobile, Lt. Duty Modular-Cabinet-Mobile-Lt.pdf 3226 KB
icon Modular Cabinets, Multi-Drawer Modular-Cabinet-MultiDrawer.pdf 3323 KB
icon Modular Drawer Accessories Modular-Drawers-Accessories.pdf 1536 KB
icon Modular Drawer Key Types Modular-Drawers-Keys.pdf 223 KB
icon Modular Drawer Models Modular-Drawers-Models.pdf 2872 KB
icon Multipurpose Stands Multipurpose-Stands.pdf 1632 KB
icon Racking, Automotive Racking-Automotive.pdf 11427 KB
icon Racking - Spider Mini-Rack Racking-Mini-Spider.pdf 1369 KB
icon Color Table - Standard Rousseau-Colors.pdf 419 KB
icon Seating, Ergonomic Seating-Ergonomic.pdf 558 KB
icon Shelving, Modular Drawer Inserts Shelving-Modular-Drawer.pdf 2330 KB
icon Multilevel Shelving - Mezzanines Shelving-Multi-Level.pdf 757 KB
icon Shelving, Records Storage Shelving-Records-Storage.pdf 836 KB
icon Shelving - Spider Type Shelving-Spider.pdf 4329 KB
icon Computer Workstations Workstations-Computer.pdf 4121 KB
icon Workbenches & Workstations Workstations.pdf 10303 KB

Rousseau Product Sheets, Flyers

icon Automotive Parts, Equipment Automotive-Parts-Equipment.pdf 2565 KB
icon CNC Tool Storage Systems CNC-Tool-Storage.pdf 2358 KB
icon Modular, Dividable Drawers Modular-Drawer-Brochure.pdf 2333 KB
icon Shelving, Industrial Shelving-Spider-Brochure.pdf 2140 KB
icon Workbenches & Workstations Workstation-Brochure.pdf 1373 KB

Rousseau Assembly Instructions - Modular Cabinets

icon Single Drawer Assembly Cabinet-1-Drawer.pdf 316 KB
icon Modular Cabinet (R Line) Cabinet-Assembly.pdf 2309 KB
icon Smart Computer Cabinet Accessories Cabinet-Computer-Accessories.pdf 432 KB
icon ESD Protective Cabinet R-Line Cabinet-ESD-Protective.pdf 114 KB
icon Foldaway Shelves Cabinet-FoldawayShelf.pdf 889 KB
icon Light Fixture Assembly Cabinet-Light-Fixture.pdf 136 KB
icon Lockout Mechanism Cabinet-Lockout-Mechanism.pdf 646 KB
icon Sliding Door Assembly Cabinet-R-SlideDoor.pdf 1151 KB
icon Slope Top Cabinet-R-SlopeTop.pdf 417 KB
icon Roll-Out Shelves Cabinet-RollShelf.pdf 232 KB
icon Vertical Security Bars Cabinet-VerticalSecurityBar.pdf 649 KB
icon WS50 Shelf Adapter Cabinet-WS50-Shelf-Adapter.pdf 268 KB
icon Double Wide Mobile Cabinets Cabinets-R-DoubleMobile.pdf 306 KB
icon R Style Cabinets Side Brackets Cabinets-R-SideBrackets.pdf 633 KB

Rousseau Assembly Instructions - Workbenches

icon Capacity-Tables.pdf 350 KB
icon Louver-Panel-Bin-Table.pdf 164 KB
icon WM-Bumper-Rack.pdf 565 KB
icon WM-Document-Pocket.pdf 65 KB
icon WM-LightTool-Rail.pdf 186 KB
icon WM-Louvered-Panel.pdf 95 KB
icon WM-Monitor-Key-Tray.pdf 1093 KB
icon WM-MonitorKeyboard-Arm.pdf 623 KB
icon WM-Multi-Frame.pdf 1838 KB
icon WM-Multi-Stand.pdf 831 KB
icon WM-Multipurpose-Config.pdf 134 KB
icon WM-Multipurpose-Frame.pdf 154 KB
icon WM-Packaging.pdf 184 KB
icon WM-Perf-Panels.pdf 834 KB
icon WM-Power-Strip.pdf 176 KB
icon WM-Stand-Shelf.pdf 132 KB
icon WM-StorageCabinet.pdf 500 KB
icon WM-Tilt-Pan.pdf 90 KB
icon WS-Adjustable-Worstation.pdf 2742 KB
icon WS-Anti-Static-Accessories.pdf 99 KB
icon WS-Cabinet-Mobile.pdf 1356 KB
icon WS-Cabinet-Pedestal.pdf 2014 KB
icon WS-Drawer-Locking-Mechanisms.pdf 57 KB
icon WS-Drawer-Unit.pdf 418 KB
icon WS-Floor-Accessories.pdf 96 KB
icon WS-Footrest.pdf 111 KB
icon WS-Keyboard-Tray.pdf 629 KB
icon WS-Leg-Extensions.pdf 125 KB
icon WS-Lighting-Fixture.pdf 125 KB
icon WS-Locking-Mechanisms.pdf 289 KB
icon WS-Riser.pdf 1623 KB
icon WS-Security-Bar.pdf 159 KB
icon WS-Transmission-Workbench.pdf 568 KB
icon WS-Wall-Mount-Workstation.pdf 1946 KB
icon WS-Workstation.pdf 3307 KB
icon Workstations-TechUprights.pdf 1989 KB

Rousseau Assembly Instructions - Various (Shelving, Racks, Drawers, CNC Storage)

icon CNC-Tool-Decking-NC.pdf 241 KB
icon CNC-Tool-Trays.pdf 318 KB
icon CNC-WM-ToolTrays.pdf 137 KB
icon Dimensions-Rack-Shelving.pdf 93 KB
icon Drawer-ToolFoam-TechGuide.pdf 3194 KB
icon Drawers-For-Shelving.pdf 1468 KB
icon Drawers-R-Line-Shelving.pdf 2232 KB
icon Drawers-R-Line-SpaceSaver.pdf 860 KB
icon Drawers-R-SecurityMech.pdf 367 KB
icon Drawers-Security-Panel.pdf 163 KB
icon Racking-Battery-Rack.pdf 1725 KB
icon Racking-Capacities.pdf 79 KB
icon Racking-PerforatedBack.pdf 894 KB
icon Racking-Spider.pdf 2569 KB
icon Shelf-Combos-Rack-Shelving.pdf 36 KB
icon Shelving-Auto-Capacity.pdf 406 KB
icon Shelving-BracingChart.pdf 892 KB
icon Shelving-FlipDoor.pdf 902 KB
icon Shelving-LouverPanel.pdf 100 KB
icon Shelving-PerforatedBack.pdf 487 KB
icon Shelving-R-VerticalSecurBar.pdf 400 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-DividerRods.pdf 1094 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-Doors.pdf 539 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-FloorMount.pdf 113 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-Gussets.pdf 91 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-HangingRail.pdf 110 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-LouvrePanel.pdf 177 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-Panels.pdf 763 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-Rods.pdf 128 KB
icon Shelving-Spider-TopSupports.pdf 119 KB
icon Shelving-VertSecureBar-SpaceSaver.pdf 360 KB
icon Space-Between-Shelves.pdf 108 KB
icon Universal-Post-Rack-Shelving.pdf 77 KB