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Warehouse & Order Fulfillment: Hiring Good People

July 19, 2011

distribution center at peak season

Finding qualified candidates for warehouse and production work isn’t easy

This is particularly true with supervisors who understand how kitting, ticketing, and storage operations. You want people who know the work, and who can supervise and motivate your employees. Qualified candidates are often the kind of people who aren’t online perusing jobs. They aren’t going to temp agencies. It’s a unique and difficult situation for warehousing operations. Quite often, they must be bilingual to supervise an increasingly Spanish-speaking workforce. Read the rest of this entry »

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Picking to Cartons vs. Picking to Totes

July 14, 2011

conveyor comparison totes vs cartons

In a pick-to-tote operation, you have the advantage of a dedicated packing function that allows more precise packaging and evaluation of order quality. That added quality comes at a price, however: floor space, time, labor and dollars. Can the same functions be executed in a pick-to-carton operation?

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