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A Review of Plant Security & Access Control Equipment

How to secure just about anything in your facility

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Pallet Rack Security

Warehouse security is sometimes slighted – other than perhaps exterior door locks and perhaps alarms. Security professionals will tell you that security is substantially about access to desirable items. How can you limit it? Let’s take a look at security equipment that can reduce temptation and help to keep vandals away from expensive exterior equipment.

What temptations are in or around your facilities?

Do you have valuable goods that are small enough to conceal and remove to employee cars in the parking lot or other cache locations like behind bushes or bins? Are some of those goods moved through portions of the facility? Do transport drivers have access to storage areas or staging areas? How close is employee parking to dock doors? How close are stored goods to employee external access points? Each of these present potential security breach points because goods are accessible, easy to conceal and or remove from the building during regular business hours.

How about exterior temptations? Are HVAC units accessible? Drums stored on pallets only? Goods staged outside? Each scenario offers vandals and/or thieves the opportunities they are looking for.

Equipment for protecting against theft and vandalism

Wire security partitions – full size

Dock door/driver security cage in a warehouse

Functions Features Benefits
  • Small wire mesh in 1″x2″ and 2″x2″ sizes
  • Wire mesh panels framed in welded angle steel
  • Lockable doors with variety of lock types
  • Choice of doors – sliding or hinge
  • Order size to fit storage or controlled area
  • Sturdy welded or woven wire is hard to  breach without tools as long as doors are locked
  • Mesh sizes make it hard to pass items through the mesh and/or

    reach goods secured inside

  • Lockable doors allow only access by those authorized with key,

    code, fingerprint or ID card, depending on lock type

  • Many cage/partition sizes available for custom locations and


Smaller wire mesh cages

Small security cage

Functions Features Benefits
  • Expanded steel mesh with angle frames
  • Small mesh size
  • Mobility with addition of wheels
  • Visibility of contents without opening cage
  • Lockable with hasp and padlock
  • Steel construction
  • Deters vandals from destroying outdoor structures
  • Hard to get cutting tools in position to cut expanded steel mesh
  • Limits access to expensive retails goods easy
  • See what’s inside cage without having to open it
  • Do inventory counts or inspections without accessing goods
  • Limit access to only those authorized

Security trucks/mobile cages: steel and aluminum

Lockable security cart or truck

Functions Features Benefits
  • Steel or aluminum construction sturdy enough to deter theft
  • Locking doors
  • Tubular metal hand holds
  • Various numbers of shelves
  • Enclose valuables securely but still visible
  • Limit access to authorized personnel
  • Easy to push or pull
  • Transport and maneuvering is easy

Visibility and heavy-duty locking cabinets

clear front visibility cabinet

Functions Features Benefits
  • Pharmaceuticals storage
  • Medical supply storage
  • Tool & die storage
  • Store special equipment & expensive materials
  • Choice of clear polycarbonate or expanded steel mesh windows
  • Diamond point ventilation allows air flow through
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Forklift accessible
  • 3-point locking doors
  • View contents without opening cabinet
  • Ventilation prevents mold, mildew and rust buildup
  • Difficult to breach cabinet exterior
  • Can be relocated with forklift
  • Limits access to authorized personnel

Rack security enclosures: solid and mesh

pallet rack security cages and enclosures

Functions Features Benefits
  • Steel corrugated panels
  • Solid sides, backs and rolling front lockable door
  • Rolling door
  • Tamper-proof construction
  • Hides goods from view
  • Steel construction makes breaching security


  • May be used inside or outside

Folding “scissor” security gates

folding security gate

Functions Features Benefits
  • Steel accordion construction
  • Lockable hasp
  • Covers very large, or very small openings or doors
  • Stiff enough to prevent climbing under or over
  • Limits access to docks and staging areas
  • Helps secure retail spaces after hours
  • Limits access to specific areas within a building
  • Lock makes it difficult to open gate or access protected area

Secure drum storage

drum security system

Functions Features Benefits
  • Secure drums from tampering
  • Store drums outdoors safely
  • Help prevent hazmat spills
  • Roll-top openings
  • Lockable covers
  • Spill containment pallets
  • Opening front doors
  • Drums are secured from tampering and damage
  • Limits access to drums with locking covers
  • Roll-top allows access to drum tops
  • Front doors allow load/unload of drums
  • Pallet bottoms hold spills and leaks

Reduce opportunities for theft

Your employees may handle things all day long they can’t easily afford as they move, assemble, package or pick your goods. Most are honest, but a few will work to supplement their income by pilfering inventory. By securing the most tempting items away from unauthorized hands, you reduce temptations and improve the working environment for everyone. Make thieves work harder for the valuable metals in those HVAC systems by securing them sufficiently to make the thief move on to an easier target.

Do cycle counts regularly. Only stage loads just before scheduled pickup times. Put received goods away quickly instead of leaving them in the staging areas. Pay attention and create a culture that rewards honesty. Your people are your best defense against theft; help them reduce the chances of a losses by empowering them and reducing the ability of thieves, internal or external to access tools, inventory and other valuables.

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