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Cisco-Eagle's 2021-2022 Top Vendor partners of the Year.

Cisco-Eagle has  awarded its top vendor partners for our most recent fiscal year. The awards are made to our top five vendor partners by sales volume and were delivered to each company at their headquarters. Since we approach business as a partnership, we wanted to recognize these elite providers for their outstanding performance and their contributions Cisco-Eagle and its customers.

Cisco-Eagle’s top 2021-2022 vendor partners

  1. Steel King Industries
  2. Hytrol Conveyors
  3. Atlantis Conveyor
  4. AAA Fabrication
  5. IKG

Steel King Industries

Steel King awards presentation

Steel King is a leading manufacturer of premier pallet racks, flow rack, drive-in systems, pushback racks, cantilever racking, pick modules, mezzanines, guardrails and metal industrial containers. Cisco-Eagle and Steel King have been partners for over thirty years and have implemented projects across the United States and internationally. Aside from being a our leading vendor partner by sales volume, Steel King is critical to Cisco-Eagle’s mission of providing value-added, high-quality material handling solutions.

Hytrol Conveyors

Cisco-Eagle presents Hytrol president David Peacock with his award.

Since 1947, Hytrol Conveyors designs and manufactures innovative conveyor technologies that drive automation and increase efficiency for manufacturing and distribution companies across the world. Cisco-Eagle and Hytrol have partnered for over five decades, and have shared roots in the state of Arkansas. The two companies have implemented thousands of conveyor projects together. Hytrol has always been a top partner for Cisco-Eagle due to its commitment to service and the high quality of its products.

Atlantis Technologies

Award presentation to Atlantis Technologies

Atlantis Technologies is a leading provider of case and unit handling conveyors for a broad range of logistics, distribution and manufacturing operations. Its full suite of standard and custom conveying solutions helps customers transport, sort, accumulate and position products through their processes for optimum performance. Cisco-Eagle and Atlantis partner for conveyor systems and equipment for applications throughout the United States. Atlantis has been a reliable partner on a variety of projects during the last year.


IKG awards presentation

IKG provides a variety of high-quality mezzanine grating, fabricated grating and other industrial grating products. The company has been in existence for most of a century with inventories in six U.S. states and Canada. Its quick delivery, relentless service and high-quality made IKG a natural partner for Cisco-Eagle.

AAA Metal Fabrication

AAA awards presentation

AAA Metal Fabrication is a leader in high-quality fabricated solutions for a range of industrial applications. With a full range of custom fiber optic and CNC laser cutting capabilities, AAA has been a steadfast partner to Cisco-Eagle in providing custom solutions to our customers. The company’s versatility and ability to customize solutions for anyone, anytime has made it an indispensable partner and one of our top vendor partners of the year.

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