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End-of-Line Robotic Palletizing: A Matter of When

July 11, 2013

robotic palletizing white paper

We’ve posted a new white paper in our growing library of free material handling, logistics, safety, and manufacturing information resources.  This paper focuses on the proliferation of end of line robotic palletizing, its growing benefits, methods, and more. If you are palletizing at the end of a production line, this is a must-read.

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MHIA Distribution Webinar Series

September 20, 2010

NA 2010 logoThis is an excellent resource for warehousing and distribution professionals. The presentations, originally made at April’s North America show, are available free of charge from the Material Handling Industry of America website. They feature a variety of topics, and include PDF files of the presentations, as well as videos from the NA2010 convention. A sampling of the topics includes:

  • The Business Case for Sustainable Distribution Centers
  • The Economics of Sortation:
  • Save 15-20% in Operating Costs and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • The Next Generation in Voice Application Technology
  • Optimizing Labor Schedules in a Dynamic Warehouse Environment
  • Lean 2.0: The Next Generation in Lean
  • Pallet Racks and Decking – Considerations for Selecting, Installing, Maintaining and Operating
  • Five Massive Distribution Train Wrecks and How You Can Avoid Them in Your Operation

You should check these out. They’re all archived at the NA2010 site.

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Getting lean (but not mean) in your warehouse operation

December 30, 2007

cover for lean warehousing book

Sure, we’ve heard all the talk of lean manufacturing, but what about lean warehousing? I’ve been in facilities that have straightened production lines in pursuit of lean principles, and those lines included storage factors and materials handling, but I’ve never seen it specifically done in a distribution operation. Many warehousing operations have probably applied aspects of lean in the warehousing process, but how many have, from top to bottom, implemented a lean warehousing program?

The original concept of lean was designed for mass production of identical or similar items, so a straight conversion to warehousing, where volumes aren’t massive or standardized, isn’t a given. You can’t apply the science of lean exactly the same way, but you can definitely apply it.

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