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Seven ways E24 power rollers are better than Conventional Motorized Roller Conveyors

E24 powered conveyor rollerLast year, there was a big splash when Hytrol introduced its E24 powered roller conveyor system – and rightly so, it’s great stuff. (See the link above for video, datasheets, and more).

E24 is a brushless, gearless, low RPM, high torque motor that drives conveyor rollers reliably and efficiently. The external motor provides exceptional flexibility, superb heat dissipation, and a robustness that cannot be achieved with motors embedded in conveyor rollers. But what really makes E24 superior to the conventional motorized roller conveyor? Let’s explore…

  1. It lasts longer: E24 lasts longer. Its 125,000 hours of expected operational life mean that it can last you over 14 years of pretty much continuous, 24/7 operation. The conventional motorized roller conveyor runs about 20,000 hours: a bit over two years of 24/7 operation.
  2. E24 has only three, count ’em, 3 moving parts, compared to more complex conveyors. Every moving part, no matter how well manufactured and designed, is a chance for failure. People are seeing reduced maintenance costs and more reliability as a result.
  3. The E24 has an external motor. That means one motor works for all roller widths. This gives you greater flexibility and ease of maintenance or repair if needed. With conventional rollers, every roller width means you have to have a different motor. That’s needless complexity that you can skip with theE24.Conventional power roller conveyor
  4. It’s gearless, so it’s quiet and consistent. This makes it very quiet. I’ve seen it run a few times, and it’s an amazingly silent machine. This also means you have one motor for every speed. You have one motor to stock–that’s it. Conventional rollers means different gearing needed for different speeds and more rollers to stock.
  5. The motor is external, in aluminum housing bolted to the side channel. This gives you outstanding heat dissipation and longer motor life. When conveyors have motors inside the roller tube, small moving parts are present and heat dissipation is poor.
  6. Its external motor means that you don’t have to route wires through small holes. This can alleviate possible damage during installation. With conventional motorized roller conveyors, wiring has to be routed through the motor shaft and side channel, complicating installation and creating the potential for damaged rollers.
  7. The E24 motor is bolted to the side channel. This gives you higher torque and strong, simple mounting. This can actually reduce the number of drives needed for your conveyor system.

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