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How to Quadruple the Number of Pick Faces in Carton Flow

For applications that have light, larger cartons, column flow racks add space and picking efficiency

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order picking line with flow storage
When your load is case-picked, relatively light, and smooth, column flow racks allow you to create storage density and increase the number of pick faces.

column flow rack in case pick operation

One method to optimize case picking storage density is to create more vertical pick spaces

Column flow racking is an innovation designed to present vertical columns of cartons to pickers. It works well for light cartons where flow storage and order picking are desired. You can stack cartons in each lane, allowing for more pick faces in the same space.

Although this system isn’t right for every application, it can provide a large number of pick faces for many types of case-picked product in the same space as regular flow racking. You can add pick faces up to the point where pickers can reach the cases. Very tall racks and stacks may not be suitable for this method unless you have alternative means for pickers to access the cartons.

These systems also have lane enforcement barriers and other ways to ensure cartons track correctly and safely.

See Column Flow Racking for more details and photos.

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